Nets vs. Clippers: Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 112-108 win over LA

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 112-108 win over the LA Clippers.


On the second quarter:

"I thought the stretch of the second quarter our defense picked up, we came up 21 points I believe in the second quarter, which was outstanding. We didn't turn the ball over in that stretch, made shots. But make or miss, when you're able to hold a team like that - that is shooting the ball so well and has incredible scorers - to 21 points in the quarter i think that is the foundation of going on some run. So that was I think the best part; and then taking care of the basketball helps our defense, and also clearly helps your offense. And then you add it all up here and we were able to separate a little bit by the half, we were able to maintain that until nearly the end of the game, and held on.”

On learning how to win:

“That’s, like I keep saying, a non-negotiable step in any team’s aspirations is to have that resolve and toughness and connectivity. I’ve been saying that since day one and we’re starting to see more consistent efforts. I just get a sense that our guys are coming together a little more off the floor as well. They’re finding a bit of a bond and a joy playing together and fighting for one another and that is, other than the toughness and application I talked about, the fact that those guys have come together a little bit more, look like they like each other and want to play for each other has been the most positive part of the last six games.”

On lesson from road trip:

“I don’t know if I could put it, but if I would say one word, I would say simply, toughness. I think we look back to the Detroit game and how poor our application was. That’s not toughness. Mentally, physically, we were a shadow of ourselves. This last six games, I think our toughness has been there. We’ve been willing mentally, physically, and emotionally to lay it on the line every night. I know that’s clichés, but it’s the truth. That’s why they are things that you need, and so we turned a little corner there where we’ve had the application, the toughness and the concentration levels that allow us to win slightly different ways and we have a lot of shot-makers. We’re gonna score points. It’s just, how can we defend, how can we rebound, how can we take care of the basketball and every night we’e found a different way to kind of win the game.”


On winning streak:

I think just staying resilient with everything that’s going on, not just within our league but in the world. Obviously, we know how much of a privilege and blessing it is to be able to play this game every day so we just want to wish all the families at home well during these times. We get two hours, two and a half hours, three hours of basketball just entertaining people, so we don’t take that for granted. Besides the winning streak, that’s great, I just feel like it’s a bigger purpose out here, so we’re just having fun and we get to compete against the best. So that’s why I think our resilience is probably what I’m most grateful for."

On setting a tone physically:

"I just think we have a common mentality right now just to go out there, really, go out there, have fun, compete, be very physical, be talkative out there against other players, against other coaching staffs. We just have a veteran group, so we’re just able to hold each other accountable a little bit differently, I feel. We get to talk to each other with a purpose. We care. So, sometimes, like I said the other day, things go viral where you see on our bench where we’re yelling at each other and going at it but it’s really fun when you know that getting stops and playing defense and everybody getting a chance to play and improve themselves out there, it just makes us better. We’re just thinking about the long term but we’re having fun right now. It’s cool."

On team bonding:

"I feel like that for life. If you want to be successful in anything, you’ve got to invest in people. You’ve got to understand the human element. Not everybody’s going to be the same or have the same thought process, so I think we’re just coming to understand that we’re all different. We’re all individuals, but we can hold each other to a standard where we all meet. I think we’ve been able to communicate that in a very unique way. Steve holds us accountable because we need to be coached. I don’t know everything, everyone else on the team (doesn’t), so it takes a full collective effort for us to go against these great teams. That’s what I feel. I think he’s right. I agree with him on that sentiment, but like I said, it’s just a standard we can hold each other to. We want to be coached hard."


On what he's most proud of in win streak:

"The most I'm proud of is our mindset every game, every possession. We don't take our opponent lightly at all, no matter who we're playing it's the same goal. It's the same mindset and that is to go out there and help each other defensively. Offensively, take your shots when you're open and when you're not, be unselfish. And it's contagious on both ends of the floor as you can see. So, we're still growing, but this is a really good road trip for us and now we get the opportunity to go back home and keep playing that same brand of basketball."

On different players coming through:

"That's what we're going to need for longevity. It's going to be different guys that impact games for the regular season and in the post season. We want to build confidence. We want everybody playing well and know what they're doing on the court and you know, give credit to every individual player and because we focus, and we watch film and we understand what is going on and what the opposing team is trying to do. So, when guys check into games, when our bench checks into games, we know what we're doing and there's no let ups and that is key to games. Instead of coming in, making mental mistakes and mistakes where you give teams confidence to get back in the game, our guys are locked in on both ends of the ball and we're playing smart, we're not turning the basketball over, we're helping each other rebound and that's a key to our success."

On Detroit game as turning point:

“We had a lot of frustrating losses. We don’t want that to haunt us at the end of the season. So we decided to as a team collectively pick it up, each individual. Once you pick your effort up and you pick your mindset up in a sense of we’re going to go out there and play well and play hard for my teammates, good things start ot happen for your individually, Obviously, the schemes and the playcalls offensively, defensively, we’ll continue to watch film, continue to get better, but individually as a basketball player, you have to have the mindset, especially with your role, being the best you can be in your role, and that’s going to be better for our team. From top to bottom, guys have bought into that and we’re just doing it collectively and each individual knows each other’s role and what they have to do to be exceptional in their role, so that’s a huge part of our success.”

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