Nets vs. Lakers: Kyrie Irving, Joe Harris, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 109-98 win over Los Angeles

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 109-98 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.


On defensive improvement:

“It’s a non-negotiable if we want to reach our best level. We have to buy in. We have to understand what we’re trying to do, what our principles are. Make clean reads and decisions and play together down there. Guys have improved, turned a corner, however you want to put it at the defensive end where at least now we are cleaner with our decision-making, our connections with one another, and they’re starting to have little stretches in the game where our defense is strong.”

On starting with small lineup:

“The small lineup is our closing lineup. I think it gives us a lot of space on the floor for our guys to operate. We can also be pretty versatile defensively, so I think they’re gaining a confidence and understanding in that lineup, but all of our combinations have to improve and keep refining, keep getting better, because we know the type of teams we’re gonna face at the end of the road and what that’s gonna look like, so lots of improvement, but the small lineup is something that we feel confident in.”

On the road trip:

“Well the performances have been really solid, so really proud of the guys for their continued improvement and really just concentration, coming to try get better every day. It would be ideal if these guys are bonding as well. It’s such a weird season, a weird world frankly for people to socialize. For me, as a former player, I think it’s really important that these guys gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another that allows them to enjoy what they do and to feel a sense of caring for one another so that you see that in performances. Hopefully this trip is more than just good record and some wins and we can continue to perform and grow and also come together.”


On growth of team's depth:

"I think we just really focused on making it about us. Like I said, you could talk about some guys’ individual greatness on this team, but we just always want to make it about us and how we can control what we can control and that’s our effort and our attitude and being communicative for one another. So we’re just making it about us. We want to be a great team. We have a lot of great individuals that can do a lot of great things any given night and we just want to honor that space and just continue to have fun out there. It’s fun being connected. It’s fun going out there and competing when you get to wait all day to prepare as a team and have 2½ hours where the whole world is watching. So we get a chance to prove it on the biggest stage."

On Joe Harris:

"It comes down to reading the defense at that point. A lot of guys have got to stay close to the body on Joe. Whenever I’m attacking to his side, I know that I have an advantage potentially. So I just try to work Joe into our offense as best I can because he’s going to do what he does and that’s move to open spots. But I think he’s added some dimensions to his game where he’s able to attack the rim and create more opportunities for himself on the perimeter. When he drives and you have a great shooter like that driving, it collapses the defense enough to where it gives other guys open shots. So we’re just enjoying it. We want everybody to continue to give each other confidence, and Joe is doing a great job as well as all our other guys."

On turning the corner defensively:

“Yeah, it's about time. It's about time we turn the corner defensively. No team is gonna win anything in this league if they don't get stops. It’s about time. And we heard them loud and clear in the last few games. And it is one of our points of emphasis when we go into games is just stay connected, no matter what. Stick to the game plan, we trust it, we've talked about it. So just go out there and play, and play free and execute it. But we're gonna hold each other accountable. I know you see on TV or when you’re watching, we're yelling, we're pointing at each other. But that's what we need in order to stay engaged for certain guys, we need that level of, we need that level of grit. It’s okay to get angry on the offensive end and be physical in the league. We're not friends with these guys out here trying to win. So let's just keep going.”


On when Nets get Kevin Durant back:

"I think Kevin is just the type of player where you can kind of plug him in at any point, any junction of the season. Obviously wish he had been with us during the majority of this run but it's not like a whole lot would change. He's been around, he's been with us, I think it's more tough when you have to deal with the COVID protocol where he's not even able to be around the team so at least for this we're grateful that he's able to be on the road trip with us be around and you know he lends his voice even though he's not able to play right now, he's a big contributing factor as to why we've been a little more locked in."

On if Lakers game was gauge for defense:

"I don't think it was necessarily a gauge. I just think we were sort of trying to repeat what we've done prior to this game where we felt like we've made strides on the defensive end. You know, the offensive stuff for us, not that it comes easy, but we have so much talent where we can have an off night and we're still going to be able to produce offensively. And we know it's the defensive side of the ball that we have to be more consistent with and I think, you know, we've gradually just improved — really since that Detroit game we've taken significant steps and been a little more locked in, covering for one another, our communication has been better, and then you know, we have the byproduct now where we've held teams more in check."

On shooting 6-for-7 on 3-pointers vs. Lakers being satisfying:

"I don't know. I mean, I think just in general coming away with a win, everybody kind of collectively playing well. You know, the stats are the stats. But at the end of the day, what matters is winning games, trying to play the right way and building on what we've done.”

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