Nets vs. Warriors: James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 134-117 win over the Golden State Warriors.


On James Harden's passing:

“He showed a variety of great vision and deliveries. That’s the brilliance of James, to be able to distort and manipulate the defense and set his teammates up for opportunities, so tonight, more of the same. That is a huge addition to our team is his playmaking and vision.”

On big three back together:

“That’s what they do. They’re incredibly talented, and they love the game. They came to play and that’s the luxury we have of having those offensive players. It’s still a work in progress, and our defense has got to improve, but I thought tonight we took a step defensively, but as far as the offense, that’s what those guys can do, draw a lot of attention, play off one another and create for their teammates or themselves.”

On defending Golden State:


On the win:

“Hopefully we’re sick and tired of losing. Like I said after the last game when we put up a really good defensive effort, hopefully we have some carryover and tonight we had that. Offensively we were great, which, most nights we’re gonna be pretty efficient, but defensively I think we got after it. Each guy that stepped in the game was ready to go, locked in on the scouting report, and it was just our effort. We talk like that, we communicate, we reroute the basketball and we’re locked in on the game plan, it can get serious for us in a good way. Every single game is gonna be that same mentality, not matter if we’re playing the best team in the league recordwise or the worst team in the league recordwise, and tonight, next game is against the Sacramento Kings, got to be that same mindset.”

On playmakers he's tried to model:

"I really didn’t watch any playmakers. Scoring and players, obviously, we watched the Kobes and the Ginobilis and Paul Pierce and things like that. But none of those guys, other than really Ginobili were really playmakers. They were really elite scorers. I think it just comes off natural instinct and a feel for the game and then so many reps that the double teams or pick-and-rolls or just a feel for the game, I’m a student of the game. So I always find ways to impact it. Not just scoring."

On getting the ball up the floor with long passes:


On return to Golden State:

"It was cool. We came out, played a great game. We focused from this morning, waking up for shootaround, and it was a good vibe all day."

On not putting too much into the game early:

"I was just trying to play aggressive and take what the game gives me. Tonight we was able to move the ball so well that everybody got touches and shots. You know, we didn't have to rely too much on isolation and one-on-one play. You saw that tonight, we’ve got six guys in double figures and it could have been nine guys in double figures. So, that’s the formula for us, move the basketball, play great defense and get out and run.”

On Harden as playmaker:

"He’s just always played this way. I can’t say he’s changed anything up. When you’ve got guys that can score the basketball that use up a lot of the clock, use up a lot of the basketball – me and Kyrie – he’s just picking and choosing his spots well. But he’s still being the same player, he’s still out there creating for everybody, knocking down shots, being a shot-maker. But when you’ve got two other guys out there, sometimes opportunities might not be as much as they were in the past for James.”