Nets vs. Pacers: James Harden, DeAndre Jordan, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 104-94 win over the Indiana Pacers.


On if defense came down to effort:

“Yeah, all those things are kind of connected in some way, right? So what's our approach, you can pull out whatever Thesaurus you want to pull out and take advantage of, by all means. But you're right; however you want to word it, it's just having the right approach attitude and competing. And there's layers to that, of course, but it is fairly simple as well. And so I thought tonight they were outstanding with their approach. And you could tell from the start, they were locked in, and when they are locked in, you see what they're capable of.”

On relying on defense:

“We'd love to continue to build our defense and be able to win games with our defense at times. I think we're a ways from that. But hopefully that is a place we can get to at some point. Tonight, I think part of our offensive woes was just the second half that's tough sometimes, and you have a big lead, the other team is playing free, because they think the night’s over, the game is lost. And so they're kind of desperate and have the freedom because they have nothing to lose; so that can be difficult. They played hard and loose. And we did, we I think we were trying to manage a lead instead of extending a lead, which is natural. I think that happens in our game a lot. So I thought the offense was pretty good in the first half. And the second half, it was a matter of dealing with the state of the game, what was what was occurring in the game, and that was them having to race back and nothing to lose. But you're right, our defense was the star of the game. And I think that just proves that we're capable. But every team poses a different challenge. Every night has a different bounce. And tonight, though we did our job.”

On one month since Harden trade:


On the defense

“We just got after it. We're all on the same page from the beginning of the game. That first five and even the guys that came off the bench knew the game plan executed the game plan and our results showed. That first half they missed shots and we made them miss shots . We contested every shot, rebounded the ball at a high level and that's what it's going to have to be every single night in order to give ourselves a chance to win. Second half they made some shots but once we were already up 30 that's what we kind of expected. But you gotta have that mentality every single game to come in defensively that we want to shut teams up because offensively it's easy for us.”

On defensive communication:

“That is one of them. We all know this league is very, very difficult. Communication has to be key. Our bigs, especially DeAndre, did an unbelievable job of communicating in that pick-and-roll. We know how important that Brogdon and Sabanois pick-and-roll is and our communication was unbelievable and it showed. One-on-one defensively we have to be pretty solid and be great but our pick-and-roll defense was great tonight and we have to communication from all five guys on the floor and they have to be on the same page and like I said we just got to have carryover and consistent communication, consistent effort and knowing what we're trying to accomplish defensively and who we're guarding."

On energy, effort and intensity:


On setting tone defensively:

"It wasn’t just me, it was all of us. We all knew that we had to come out and play great defense against these guys. Bruce (Brown) did a great job on Malcolm Brogdon, so did TJ (Tyler Johnson). Kai did a great job, and we just wanted to be physical and just come out and show our presence defensively first, and our offense will take care of itself."

On defensive communication:

“I think that everybody’s not gonna be a talker and a loud communicator, but that’s OK. As long as we’re connected, I think that’s good. But I think tonight everybody was kind of talking. There’s gonna be times where we scramble, but I know that I’m very shy, but on the floor I talk a lot. So I think that we just feed off of each other’s energy. Once there’s four or five guys out there talking, other guys come in, they start to do that same thing. If they’re not talking, then we’re talking to each other on the bench and from the bench and just trying to help guys out as much as we all can. I put a lot of that on myself and being able to come out and just communicate, whether it’s calling plays, telling guys to get through different things, and just I guess kind of getting us engaged on that end.”

On upcoming road trip: