Nets vs. Sixers: James Harden, Landry Shamet, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 124-108 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.


On third quarter:

“I do think fatigue played a part. We did play last night. Tough game last night, a little undermanned there as well, and then coming in here tonight, we asked a lot of our guys, we asked a lot of James, and I think these guys have played a lot of minutes in a short period of time, a back-to-back tonight without two starters, I think there was some fatigue. I thought the guys competed and gave themselves a chance. We were in the game, third quarter and then they went on their run, and I thought that was the time to in a sense call off the dogs and let those guys rest a little bit. It’s been such a difficult schedule here with a back-to-back, that was I think fatigue is a big factor.”

On Norvel Pelle debut:

“Norvel was great. He’s out of shape a little bit for NBA standards. You could see him out there. I was proud of him for fighting through, trying to get his legs and his lungs going. He obviously has some instincts blocking shots, which is I think his reputation and why we looked at him. I was proud of the way he conducted himself and worked hard. Like I said, he showed that he can block some shots.”

On takeaway from game:

“I thought that we need to get a little more physical, and at times we showed we were. We got in there and cracked people on rebounds, dove on the floor for loose balls, some of the things that we’re gonna have to do here to get better. But I thought we also cleaned up a little bit of our defensive schemes at times. We grew a little bit. It was a tough loss. We were a little undermanned. But I thought there was a lot to be proud of from our guys.”


On third quarter:

“Our positioning, our spacing, they picked it up a little bit and then just us being careless as a unit as a group. That's all it was. Like I said they're a good team. And they've been playing pretty well. We can't give up 43 points in a quarter. I think for the most part we did a pretty good job. First quarter was a little bit too much. Second quarter, fourth quarter we played well. Third quarter, we just gave them the game.”

On takeaway from game:

“A lot of guys that don't have an opportunity got a lot of opportunity tonight. It's going to be that way for these next couple games. Depending on when they allow KD to come back, when Ky comes back so no excuses for us. Guys gotta step up play big minutes and contribute and obviously we played against a really good Sixers team tonight. Get some rest and try and get some wins.”

On Landry Shamet:

"Landry can help us in a variety of ways. He's athletic, he can shoot the ball and he's very smart. And just knows how to play the game of basketball the right way. Hopefully he can get his confidence back. The last few games he's been shooting the ball better tonight obviously he had 20-something points. As we don't want KD and Kyrie out, this is an opportunity for guys like Landry and Bruce and some of our role players to get their confidence and get some playing time and obviously we don't want to lose but all of it is a learning experience."


On getting out of shooting slump:

“I’m just getting back to me and trusting my work and what I do on a day-to-day basis, not so caught up in outcomes and a couple shots or whatever. I’m just continuing to find spots to be aggressive, be myself, try to help us get wins. We didn’t tonight, so we’ll go back to the drawing boards and get ready for the next one.”

On playing with James Harden:

“I’m still kind of learning him a little bit, but I’ve watched him, guarded him with the Rockets and stuff. So I kind of understand where he likes to play and where he likes his guys filling in behind him. But he is a great basketball player, has great vision, willing. So still getting comfortable to the fullest extent of finding my little pockets and where I can get openings and make it easier for him.”

On turnovers:

“It was a little bit of both. I think we've shown that we have some stretches where those are the turnovers…I mean, it's basketball, you’re going to turn the ball over. And I think there's stretches where we can cut out, eliminate a lot of a couple of the kind of careless ones. Like, I had the one dribbling up the floor where the guy back-tapped me. Just kind of mindless turnovers where you're not really all the way thinking I guess. So eliminate some stuff like that throwing it, giving the ball to them. You'll live with it the five or six that you're going to have every night, that are just basketball turnovers. So if we cut those out, I think we put ourselves in a better situation for sure.”