Nets vs. Raptors: James Harden, Joe Harris, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 123-117 loss to the Toronto Raptors.


On distractions from Durant situation:

“If I’m honest, I probably didn’t handle it great, just trying to juggle all those balls, all that different information. What does it mean? I probably got a little distracted about thinking about what it means long-term for our team. We’ve already been playing guys a lot of minutes and if Kevin’s not playing, are we gonna run the remaining guys too many minutes? So maybe I got a little bit distracted by the big picture. But that’s the way this year’s gonna be. We’re gonna be in and out of COVID situations and minute pile-ups, and all the difficulties that we’re gonna face this year and it’s gonna be similar for everyone, so we’ve just got to try to adapt and be able to bounce back from little setbacks like this. Unfortunately we couldn’t bounce back to win the game, but we’ve got to be able to bounce back this next week and play well and keep getting better.”

On Durant availability going forward

“I’m not really sure. I hope it’s more of a to be determined situation than a situation where it’s one week quarantine or whatever you want to call it. I don’t know. I hope that obviously we don’t lose him for the week, but I’m not sure exactly right now. We’re still trying to filter what kind of information we can gather tonight and the type of parameters around the decision.”

On turnovers:

“Well, we could always use more activity, for sure. But they’re an experienced group that’s played together, obviously won a championship with most of these guys. So they have that corporate knowledge and that collective experience. They could change defenses on us. Part of it you’ve got to give them credit. Part of it we just made some plays that were careless, and the other part of it was we just maybe didn’t finish our opportunities down the stretch, and Lowry made some really big shots. So you add it all up and it’s a loss, but a lot to learn from it.”


On Durant situation:

“I was frustrated, especially, you know, we follow the protocols we get tested every single day, so I don't understand the whole thing where he couldn't play and then he came on a court, and then they took him back. There's just a lot going on. There's too much going on. It's kind of overwhelming, you know, especially when we're in the midst of a tough game, and these games are gonna add up, especially if we talk about playoff seeding. We're talking about, you know, positioning ourselves, homecourt advantage and whatnot, and catch a rhythm and all that. I don't know, I don't know. It's just overwhelming is frustrating.”

On affect on game:

“We're not taking anything away from Toronto. They played an exceptional game. They made many shots when it counted. They played scrappy basketball like they knew what we were going to do. For us, we just couldn’t catch a rhythm. When we finally did in that second quarter, we started playing well. And then we kind of staggered in that second half."

On potential All-Star Game:

"I feel the same way as some of the players who are like, there’s so much going on as far as we’re trying to calm a virus and we’re putting on an event. I know what the reasoning it is, but I feel like, especially with a condensed schedule that was forced upon players, it’s already draining to play a lot of games in a week, I feel like that was a week for us kind of to relax, be with our families to kind of take a step away from basketball. So like I said, we’re just in it. "


On what players discussed:

“Obviously, it was a tough game. I mean, Toronto is a good team and they made some big plays down the stretch. But, a lot of the talk was really just getting ready to move on and get ready for Philly. I mean, tomorrow night is another tough game. But obviously yeah, the frustration and all that stuff is there because now Kevin is probably going to have to -- I don't know what the rules and everything are but I am assuming that it's going to be the same thing that he had last time where he had to sit for a week or whatever it was so, it is tough.”

On turnovers:

“Toronto definitely can turn teams over. I mean, they're an excellent defensive team but I think a lot of it too was -- it falls onto us. I mean, that's definitely huge hurdle for us to get over right now. Turning the ball over, second chance opportunities. You can't win a ton of games -- I mean, we're in games because we're such an efficient offensive team. But you can't win games when you … it just puts you in a difficult position. And a lot of it is turnovers and giving up second chance opportunities.”