Nets vs. Bucks: James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 125-123 win over Milwaukee

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 125-123 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.


On Milwaukee's final possession:

“We didn’t go zone tonight actually. And the last possession, we tried to take away the corner pass with DJ. They did a good job slipping it under there. We switched everything before the ball came in bounds and I thought Bruce did a good job containing that cut, catch, making him pump-fake, side-step, and still be in that contest.”

On defense:

“We have to improve defensively. That’s something that’s important to me and I think important to any team if they want long-term success. We have to improve. That’s a difficult team to defend. They’re going to stretch you, they’re going to cause problems, and they’re going to ask a lot of questions of your defense. Our defense is so new, and we lost JA, who is an excellent defender. We’re looking to kind of rebuild that thing. So, it’s very, very early. I thought there were a lot of positive things defensively with all the challenges they throw at you. But that’s something that’s got to no question improve, and it’s got to be a process where we continue to look for improvement throughout the season.”

On potential and getting Irving back:

"We’re not having any parades. We’ve got a lot of work to do. We’ve got to clean up a lot at both ends of the floor. This is kind of a new group, no training camp, new look offensively and definitely new look defensively, so we’ve got tons of work to do. We’re grateful for the victory tonight, the lessons we can learn, and the process that we’re undertaking in games like this against high-quality opponents, but we’ve got to keep building. As far as Ky, I’m excited to get him back. He’s an incredible basketball player, and to have him back in the building tomorrow will be exciting and we’ll start to integrate him and figure out a way to make this whole thing work. It’s a great, great challenge for us. Challenge may not be the right word. It’s a great puzzle for us to put together and for us to figure out how to be most efficient we can be.”


On DeAndre Jordan:

“Obviously getting more minutes. He played 38 minutes tonight and he matched Giannis minutes. We asked him to guard a two-time MVP and he held his ground. I mean, he’s gonna score his points because he has the ball, but he held his ground. And the fact that as each day goes on, we’re building our identity on the defensive side of the ball, and once we’re all on one page, that’s gonna make everybody better. So early in the season we were all trying to figure out our way and it can look kind of rocky when you’re doing that, but as we continue to move forward, you’ll see more of a solid play from all of us and more of an identity from our defense.”

On scoring against solid defense:

“When you play good defense for 18, 19 seconds of the clock, and you’ve got special players who can make shots over a contest, it definitely takes a bit out of the defense, but we definitely don’t want to rely on that, either, where we have to just score one-on-one baskets all the time. You’re seeing Joe coming off and creating some momentum for us off of screens, knocking em down, he hit a big three for us in the fourth. Bruce came in and made timely plays for us on the offensive side, Jeff came in and hit big 3s for us. We’re gonna need everybody to contribute and do what they do best on the offensive end, and then when it’s time we’ve gotta make tough shots."

On difference since playing with Harden in OKC:

“IQ. We were young players, wide-eyed, didn't know what the league was about, experiencing things for the first time together, playoffs, Game 6, late games in the playoffs, all of those situations we experienced for the first time. So now, if we know situations again, we know how to handle ourselves. So I think that our IQ more so than anything — our games and our skills, they speak for themselves. But as far as knowing the game inside and out, knowing what we need our teammates to do and knowing what our coaches expect from us, I think we're we can handle a little better now.”


On value of win:

“It's a huge win for us. This is our second game together and we haven't had one practice. We just watch film and go off our instincts. We just try to learn on the fly as I said before. It was going to be a challenge for us tonight but I think we held our own and we came out aggressive. Once we can clean up some things and get better as the season goes along we'll be much better. I got to do a better job of controlling the game and not turning the basketball over. I think we're one of the best teams when we actually get a shot up on the rim. I have to do a better job of that but that just comes with time, it comes with spacing, it comes with knowing the offense."

On Joe Harris:

“Big-time. I think throughout the course of the year we want to put confidence in each and every one of our players from top to bottom because at any given moment somebody can step up and make big plays. Not even for the regular season but for postseason. Huge shot for him and just all our shooters. We give them confidence that when we dish the ball out to them just be ready to shoot. I don't care how many you miss I don't care how many you make. And so big time for him ready for him ready to shoot, big time 3 for Kevin at the top of the key as well.”

On difference since playing with Durant in OKC:

“We were young in Oklahoma City. We are grown men now. We know what we want. We really know the game of basketball now. We are not those young guys that want to run around and just shoot and dunk all day. We know the game, we know spots, we know team’s plays. We’re more advanced. And then for me, I sit back and I know what player Kevin Durant is. He’s one of the best players to ever touch a basketball. He’s god-given 7-foot – can basically do everything. So, for me, it is not trying to compete with that. It’s allowing Kevin to be the best Kevin he can be and I’m going to make sure I can make him better and make my teammates better, because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

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