Nets vs. Magic: James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 122-115 win over the Orlando Magic.


On James Harden's passing:

“I can't say I'm surprised. We had a pretty big sample size of him doing that on the last six to however many years he’s been in the league. But it's still not easy. Now, like I said, he's not in his best condition yet. He's joined a new group, has basically no practice time and figured it out on the fly. So I think, you know, he had a bunch of turnovers tonight that are just because he's new to the team and group and you're thrown out there in an NBA game with the other team is an excellent coached basketball team, and they're going to scheme and they're going to make it difficult. And so those types of things are normal. But all the things he did accomplish on the floor incredible first, first evening.”

On full team performance:

“It can't just be your top guy, your top two, your top three guys; you’ve got to play team basketball, everyone's got to be a threat. Everyone's got to play their role, know their role. And so those are things we have to figure out. But I thought it was exceptional tonight. You know, Joe played well, Bruce played well, you know, Jeff gave us some important veteran experience and you go down the line guys contributed. So it was, I think, a game that could have gone the other way. It took us a while to find it and to pull away. But it wasn't clean at all. It wasn't easy. But, you know, that's a tribute to their team. And, but we got a lot to build up.”

On bringing back Irving with Durant and Harden:

“I think we’re going to have to continually find how it all works to its best level, to the most effective and efficient standard. But throwing Kyrie in the mix makes us better. It’s a good problem to have, trying to figure out where they can coexist to their highest level, standard. So I think it takes time. I think it’s going to be an adjustment for everyone. But it’s an incredible problem to have and something I think we’ll relish trying to decipher.”


On Harden's Brooklyn debut:

“I mean James he played the same way he's always played to be honest. He played the same way he was playing in Houston. Hounding the basketball, being a pass-first guard trying to get his guys good looks. He played the same way. Coach put him at the point I think that's his natural position to be honest is point, combo guard. For him to come out and get 14 assists and 12 rebounds for us at the point guard was key.”

On communication:

“You got James, myself, Jeff, DJ out there, Joe, guys who have been in the league for a while I think all of us are all on the same page in communicating what we need from each other on the defensive side of the ball. Especially on offense, I think we were moving and flowing a little bit on offense based off our communication. We didn't have a play coming across half and guys were talking guys through actions same on the defensive side of the ball. We're only gonna get better at that. It's going to take some time for us to build up that consistency of how we want to play on both ends but it was a good step."

On playing with Harden again:

“Having veteran guys and being in the league for so long, we’ve worked on so many different schemes and offensive actions. You kinda know how to play the game. It’s not just me and James — Jeff’s the same way, DJ’s the same way, Kyrie’s the same way. Guys that have been in the league for almost 10-plus years where sometimes we don’t even have to speak what we’re thinking. Guys just understand each other and we’ve been studying each other for so long, scouting each other for so long, so the IQ is just there. It’s only gonna get better.”


On the Nets:

“We have some special talent in this locker room. Very versatile shooters, playmakers, defenders. Little bit of everything. That’s what you’re going to need, especially when it comes to postseason Obviously, we haven’t built as much chemistry as we would like, but that first game it felt good to be out there on the court and just giving guys confidence, giving guys energy. That’s what it’s going to take throughout the course of the year, and once you build that up and guys believe in each other, it’s pretty scary."

On preparing for first game with Nets:

“I’ve had multiple conversations with our coaching staff about what we’re trying to accomplish on both ends of the ball. Pretty much I’m familiar with it and I know what spots to put our players in, and then it makes it easy when you have Kevin Durant on your team who could take some of the pressure off of you as well. Like I said, it’s a long way to go. It’s a process. But I think just watching film, getting better, learning where guys like to be, we have some unbelievable shooters, trying to get them more shots so they can feel more involved in our offense. Getting our bigs more paint points and just kind of directing people and guiding people to where they should be so they can be more effective. I think once that happens our team will be a lot better.”

On getting into rhythm:

“I had, what, nine turnovers throughout the game, and maybe six or seven of them were looking to get guys and DeAndre, get him lobs. That’s me being unselfish. That’s me trying to get guys involved. At the end of the day, I’ve just still got to be a player at the end of the day and score where I need to score and when the pass is there do it. First game, I’m happy to get it out of the way. Now we can watch the film and get ready for our next opponent.”