Nets vs. Nuggets: Kevin Durant, Caris LeVert, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 122-116 win over Denver

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 122-116 win against the Denver Nuggets.


On starting Bruce Brown:

“Bruce was great. Unbelievable. Played his butt off, played hard, made some tough shots and timely baskets and guarded his man. I think the decision was, I think the second unit needs Caris as a ball-handler, creator. I also, I need to protect Caris. When he starts, he ends up playing 30-plus minutes almost without a doubt, and you know, five games in seven nights, let alone 17 games in 31 days, Caris is a guy that you have to protect with his injury history a little bit. He’s in great shape. He may never have a problem again, but you have to protect him and give him a chance. So I thought that would allow us to control his minutes, it would allow us to have a playmaker on the second unit. We’re going to have to adapt continually this year, because who knows what’s around the corner. I’m proud of Caris, he was outstanding tonight as well.”

On tactical change and Jordan playing time:

“I think the tactics were to get tighter to our man, communicate, be more physical. I think the breakdowns were largely, we weren’t attached, we weren’t talking, and we were letting them go wherever they wanted. If you want to call that tactical, mental, emotional, whatever, I think that was the big adjustment. DJ, tonight they go largely and the backup center is JaMychal Green or the big fella, but he’s not necessarily a post player, so we tried to, as much as anything, develop our small lineup, take a look at it. It’s partly tactical because of the way they match up, but partly just if we want to have a small lineup that’s effective we’ve got to take some looks at it, so that was sort of the decision tonight. I hope other night’s DJ gets minutes, but I was proud of him for the way he supported his teammates and was a great force for us because he is a vet and a big personality that guys look to in our locker room.”

On coaching Durant:

“It’s a pleasure to coach him. He’s so talented and loves the game. I thought he turned the ball over early, but he calmed down. I think that’s part of his process, of him coming back to playing, is that it’s not going to be smooth off the bat. I said early 15 to 20 games and I think that’s even, maybe I need to be more conservative with that number, just because it’s such a lot thrown at him, the climb he’s had back here. But he was unbelievable. Made the big shot at the end, had 13 assists. He led us I think his attitude was great. There were moments from the first half where I could tell he was frustrated and he held on to it and it rubs off so positively on his teammates. They look up to him and they know how gifted he is and when he sticks with him and has that leadership qualities that he had tonight, the guys end up I think feeding off him and performing.”


On third quarter:

“It was a mixture of things. I think we definitely played harder to start the quarter. We kept the ball in our hands. They came out too relaxed being up 16 on a short-handed team you can tell they relaxed a bit and we was able to capitalize on that and take the momentum back and put it in our favor.”

On defensive issues in first half:

“They got loose. They made shots, they got in the pick-and-roll and made some tough ones. I think that whole first half they just their talent and shot making really stood out. Monte Morris hits a couple 3s, Millsap hit a couple 3s, Jokic you know what he does and then Will Barton coming in and knocking down 3s for them. I think in the first half their offense was free-flowing everyone was moving freely but once we started to be more physical it started to slow down.”

On just missing a triple-double:

“I did know that I was close to triple-double. I mean, they put all our stats up there on the on the jumbotron. So I knew. I really didn't think about getting a triple-double.To be honest, I wish I would have got that last rebound but it's all good. As long as we outrebounded them as a team.”


On second-half turnaround:

“I think our defense just got a little bit better, and Kevin just took over, to be honest with you. From the middle of that third quarter until the end of the game, he was exceptional. But I think the defensive end, loose balls – JaMychal Green still got a lot of rebounds, but I think we cleaned it up. We played a little bit harder on that end, and it resulted in a win for us."

On coming off the bench:

“For me, I just want to win. Steve knows that. I think my teammates have known that. For me, that’s the main important thing for me. I don’t really care about all that other stuff. It doesn’t really matter to me. I just care about winning, and tonight, we got it done. I came off the bench tonight, and it is what it is.”

On five straight 20-point games:

“I think it’s slowing down for me. I’ve been in the league now for…this is my fifth year. I’m getting old. But I think just experience, watching film, playing with really good players and playing for really good coaches, as well, it all takes effect and it all contributes to five straight 20-point games or whatever you say it was. That’s the development that I’ve had since I got here for sure.”

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