Nets vs. Thunder: Kevin Durant, Caris LeVert, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 129-116 loss to Oklahoma City

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 129-116 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.


On defensive issues:

"I thought in the second quarter it was turnovers. We were kicking the ball all over the gym. Up 15, lack of focus, it gets them right back in the game. The third quarter…66 points in the paint tonight, 72 points in the second half. It’s just pride. No matter what defense you’re in, you got to sit down and guard someone, and we didn’t guard tonight."

On taking opponents lightly:

“It might be. I hope it’s not. This is going to be a very unique season. Everyone is getting beat by everybody, and it’s really important that we respect our opponents. We got up 15, and we played like we felt the game was over. That’s just got to change. We’ve got to learn from it. We’ve got to toughen up and show a little pride.”

On new starting lineup:

“Tonight, I felt like I wanted to get our best players in the lineup early so they could play the most minutes. It’s hard for a guy to get his minutes when he comes off the bench in both halves. So, Joe has been playing great, Caris has been playing great, and I just thought, in order for them to get up to high minutes, you have to start in both halves. Otherwise, it’s really hard. That was the thinking there.”


On missing last three games due to COVID protocols:

“It was, I mean I wouldn't say it was a struggle. I definitely would have loved to be out there with my teammates but COVID just put us under these circumstances and a lot of guys around the league are under protocol. It's something we knew coming into the season that may happen. I wasn't too upset about it, I'm glad I'm back playing though. ”

On team defense:

“We just got to get consistent at it. I felt like we've played some great defensive games this past week when I was out and you know throughout the season I just think we've been up and down on that side of the ball. It's a matter of time before we start to put it all together and become more consistent with it and that's going to happen over time. ”

On poor team shooting from 3-point range:

"They got their hands up on a lot of shots, but we also missed some as well. But for the most part we’ve just got to keep shooting them with confidence and keep believing in ourselves when we let them fly.”


On defense:

“We couldn't keep the ball in front of us. They was getting to the rim and then getting easy kick out threes. So, we have to figure that out defensively. I don't know how many points they scored — 129 that's unacceptable. We can't allow that many points and expect to win."

On Nash disappointment and communication:

“He was talking all through the game letting us know that you know, we were not doing our job. But we know that, we're basketball players. We all study the game. We all know how it feels when we're not playing well on that end of the floor. So, he didn't have to tell us for us to know that. We knew that. But you asked how he communicated that to us, I mean he was telling us all game. He told us at halftime. We just never made that adjustment as players.”

On not respecting opponent:

“I don't know if I would say we are disrespecting our opponent. I think that's kind of easy to say with the talent we have on our team. When we don't win games like this, I think it's easy to say we just didn't respect our opponent. But I don't think it was that. I feel like we could've played better defensively. I feel like we all love the game. We all respect the game and we know what happens. They're NBA players just like we are, so, at the end of the day we know what we have to bring. I wouldn't say we were disrespecting our opponent or the game or anything like that. ”

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