Nets vs. Grizzlies: Caris LeVert, Joe Harris, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 115-110 loss to Memphis

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 115-110 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.


On coming back, coming up short:

“Obviously it’s frustrating, but considering we went down 22 or whatever it was I believe, to fight back and get up four, it as just a couple possessions here or there where we drove it into a crowd, or took it into a crowd in transition instead of just taking care of the ball and getting a shot at the basket. When you give yourself that hole to climb out of, sometimes no matter how far you climb back, it’s too much to overcome by the end.”

On Caris LeVert:

“I think Caris is usually really aggressive; I think he was just 7-of-9 from three tonight, so it makes it all look totally different. He was great. He was huge. He was a big part of us getting back into the game obviously, but I’ve never really had a problem with his aggressiveness. Tonight it just paints a picture of when the ball goes in the basket it looks a lot different. But he’s been playing well. He had a couple good games, few good games in a row now, and he’s getting better all the time, so really proud of the way he’s playing.”

On offense late in the game:

“I’m assuming guys legs were maybe a little tired because we played last night, got in really late and had to claw back out of a big hole, so I don’t want to discredit that. But I thought we just forced a couple plays. Took it into a crowd in transition, like I said, maybe drove the all a little impatiently and got blocked, things like that where we could have just ran the offense, stayed patient and got better looks. Sometimes that happens. We fought all the way back with a big adrenaline rush and you get a little carried away at times and I think we just didn’t have the poise when we were up four to manage that lead.”


On last possession:

“Supposed to be like sort of a ladder action where we were all flowing and then Landry would go, cut through to the corner and it would sort of like a gate or ladder action where Caris and Jeff would squeeze their guys and I would stop behind. But our timing got a little messed up, but part of it too, they came out more of a zone sort of matchup, trying to take away the three. But our timing a little messed up on it.”

On offense late in game:

“I think especially at the end of the game is when you have to try and be the most sound. Ideal world, you’re sound throughout the entire game, but the end in particular, you have to value every possession and I think a lot of it is definitely a testament to Memphis and their defense, mixing things up, putting out different coverages. They’re a long, athletic team too. They contest a lot of shots. They’re in a good position defensively. They’re very well coached. But again, a lot of that too falls back on to us and just mental miscues and not being sure and sound when we needed to be.”

On coming off the bench:

"I think it’s more mentally than anything else. When you’re starting, obviously, you don’t really have time to sit back and absorb the game. You’re right into it. I’ve obviously started here for a while, but my first couple of years in Brooklyn, I didn’t start. So, it’s not like this is foreign territory for me and I know how to get myself ready to go where you hope to come in and try to get your legs underneath you. You’re able to come in and at least try to make an immediate impact. That’s what the bench is supposed to do. I’m looking at our plus-minus today, and it definitely wasn’t good enough. The bench, we’ve got to come in and do a better job of maintaining what the starters have built up. You don’t want to have any dip off. We have enough depth on this team where we can say that we’re not going to have dip off when the second unit comes in. You’ve got to maintain and build off whatever the first unit has done."


On improving after slow start:

“For us, we came out kind of slow. We had a lot of defensive lapses, especially in transition and on the glass. Those are the two things Steve preaches to us every game. Taking care of the ball and defensive rebounding, I think those two things today weren’t at the best, especially at the start of the game and that cost us."

On end of game:

“They executed a little bit better than we did. I turned the ball over a couple of times. That’s how it is when you’re climbing back into a game. You kind of use a lot of energy to climb back into it. That’s why we’ve got to play better earlier in the game. We’ll learn from this. The good thing about this is we play damn nearly every day. So, we’ve got another one the day after tomorrow to correct it.”

On balancing being happy with 43 points, but a loss:

“I think so. That’s the thing with basketball. You’re not going to win every game. If you take every game as a learning experience, you’ll be in the right spot. I try not to get too high or low, win, loss, good game, bad game, I try to stay the same regardless. This is just another step. There definitely are some things to learn from, some things I was happy with. So, we’ll move forward.”

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