Nets vs. Jazz: Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 130-96 win over the Utah Jazz.


On lineup changes:

“Just being clairvoyant. We don’t have much practice time. We are a new group. We have Kevin out with COVID protocols. We were struggling. I think we are going to continue to experiment. We have to find out who we are, what we are, and where we need to improve, and sometimes just giving guys different opportunities at different times can mix things up. We’ll see different lineups. Really proud of everyone for accepting that change and that dynamic and coming together and just playing their butts off for one another.”

On improving defense, turnovers, and rebounding:

“Like I said last game, I think we’re going to turn the ball over some, but the last game, it was uncharacteristic. We were turning the ball over without any pressure. We were making poor decisions. I felt like there was just such a, we were holding it so tight and then making uncharacteristic decisions. Tonight I thought we cleaned that up, which I thought was more normal for us. I thought the rebounding especially in the first half, I guess it was pretty even, they had four offensive rebounds in both halves. So, gang rebounding, diligence to get in in numbers. It’s something that has to become a habit for our team. Jeff I think played at the 4 a little bit, helped the rebounding as well. He gave us some size. Just much-improved, but win or lose, for them to play with that connectivity and fighting spirit, it’s a pleasure to coach. Just really proud of them for their attitude and the way they approached the game under missing Kevin and coming off a rough stint where I felt like maybe we were questioning ourselves a little bit early in the season and feeling pressure necessarily, and tonight they came out incredibly well.”

On Caris LeVert:

“I wasn’t worried about the shooting, because he was making plays for his teammates. He was trying to set them up. He was still being aggressive in handling the ball and putting the defense in difficult positions. Some nights the ball goes in and some nights it doesn’t, but when you balance it by making the defense make tough decisions, you’re a threat, you’re a danger, and you make your teammates better. You offset that. Now he got on a roll offensively as well, started scoring, but it was the playmaking, the ability to read the defense and make it difficult for them I thought was outstanding. That’s what made me happy more than him kind of getting out of a mini shooting slump.”


On satisfaction from the win:

“It’s really satisfying, especially because we played so well on the defensive end, which is kind of where we’ve been struggling. We feel like we can score with anybody in the league offensively. We felt like it was a matter of time before that came back. But defensively, I felt like we were on the same page. We took a step in the right direction."

On breaking scoring slump with 24 points:

“Honestly, I never really felt like I was in a slump. I feel a slump is mental. Mentally, I was good. I was sticking to my habits, getting good work in, and my shots all felt good. So, I never really felt like I was in a slump. Tonight, my shots went in and I know that will be sustainable going forward.”

On playing with Harris and Luwawu-Cabarrot:

“I’m definitely very comfortable playing with Joe and TLC. I’ve put in a lot of chemistry and time with those guys. They’re comfortable playing with me as well. We kind of have that natural synergy out there on the court, and I think it showed tonight.”


On getting charged up with the start:

“I’m gonna be honest. Before the game, I’m normally a pesto on my pasta type of guy, but today I went with Alfredo sauce, so I really think that was the thing that turned my game on tonight.”

On catching Irving behind-the-back pass for dunk:

"Over the past couple years, one of the things was keep your hands ready, always have your hands ready to catch a ball, and I think I’ve excelled at converting passes, being able to catch the hard throw ones, the ones that the guards won’t say are bad passes but kind of looks bad if I don’t catch it when they are, and just being able to be ready for anything.”

On outplaying Gobert:

“I wouldn’t say it’s personal. I want to go out there, try my best, and prove that I can be on that level of a center in the league. He did just get that contract that he earned playing amazing defense, being an offensive threat, so I just want to prove that I’m on his level.”