Nets vs. Grizzlies: Caris LeVert, Joe Harris, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 116-111 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.


On poor shooting in overtime:

“I think legs are a part of it. It’s a long game. Guys had to take on bigger burdens and responsibility than they’re used to. Played last night. So, early in the season, I think guys were still acclimating to the back to backs, let alone an overtime back to back. TLC has just been really steady. Very trustworthy defensively. Knows the system. Is very attentive to his responsibilities, and he’s been shooting the ball. He’s played within himself. He’s doing very well.”

On first close games as a coach:

“I’m not sure that I’ve learned anything specific, except obviously it’s a great experience for me to be in that situation that you can’t replicate that I’ve never been in before. So, it’s important for me to feel it and to know what it takes to manage a game on the sidelines there. That was good for me obviously to get as many reps as I can over there in those situations. Lot of learning for me to do as well, but our staff does a great job and our players played hard, and that’s the most important thing.”

On TLC and Chiozza:

“TLC’s been playing well. He’s had a good camp. He came in last last night and played well down the stretch. He’s made shots. He’s very reliable defensively. And Cheese gave us another ball-handler tonight. Without Spencer and Ky, heavy lead on Caris handling the ball. They were trying to take him away and deny it fullcourt, so Cheese really helped, not only to handle the ball, but he made some plays and scored for us. Those guys both did great.”


On Spencer Dinwiddie:

"Just want to say, hat’s off to Spence, man. I know that’s a really tough injury. That’s one of my brothers. We’ve built a close bond over these last couple of years. So definitely with him, prayers with him. I spoke to him earlier today, he seemed to be in good spirits. Definitely, definitely praying for him, fighting for him for the rest of the season for sure."

On final shots:

"As far as the play going into overtime in regulation, it was just an iso up top. I practice that shot every day. I’ll live with that. And in overtime, I think we were supposed to inbound it to me. I think (whoever threw the pass) probably saw it was crowded, so, he just hit Joe. Joe shot a three, and we were down two. If that would’ve went in, we could have won, so, we’ll live with that, as well."

On players off the bench:

"Yeah, those guys played their butts off tonight. They played extremely hard, especially Cheese not playing a lot up until this point. And then TLC coming in knocking down shots, doing what he does. Those guys were huge for us tonight and we’re gonna need them all season long, next man up mentality."


On final shot:

"The play was drawn up for Caris to try and get a touch over on the left block in sort of isolation and let him play. Memphis did a good job taking that way. I was sort of the emergency valve. Got it, had a pretty good one dribble, pull up 3 look at it. It just didn't go down. It's tough because you try and execute stuff late game but you definitely don't want to be necessarily in that position. There was a lot of things over the course of the game that we could have cleaned up and never got in that spot."

On team's poor shooting:

"It's hard to attribute to anything in particular. Shooting is a weird thing. At the end of the day it is more of a focus, mental thing than anything else. I don't even want to use fatigue as an excuse because everybody's tired, traveling, playing over the course of the NBA, having to deal with what we're dealing with, coming off a tough back-to-back. I thought we shot well early on it just sort of didn't stay consistent throughout the game and lost our legs there towards the end but that's where you really have to buckle down, really focus in and get your mechanics right trying to knock ‘em down."

On playing without Durant and Irving:

"I think it's sort of next-man up mentality. Everyone has to set up and embrace that the role they have when two of our most pivotal players on both ends of the ball are gone. So but the thing at the end of the day we have enough depth where we can play well, we can play well together when we do have a man or two out. It's just one of those things where it is so early in the year where I think for chemistry's sake, unity's sake it's the first time we have played without Kevin and Kyrie. We've gone through all of training camp, the preseason games everything where these guys are obviously the focal point. And without them out there, guys like Caris, even Chris Chizza it just provides an opportunity for them to step up and be the primary sort of ball handlers and facilitators on the team."