Nets vs. Hornets: Kevin Durant, Jarrett Allen, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 106-104 loss to the Charlotte Hornets.


On the loss:

“I don't think we got a sense of urgency. I think we were little passive. I don't want to say we didn't play hard but I didn't feel like we put the emphasis on each possession that was necessary. And we talked about it before the tools are going to give us their best shot. We're gonna have a target on our back and we have to rise to the occasion. You know you think you may be a better team, you're going to get a team that's much better than they are the previous night because they see the numbers of the names in the back of the jersey and they're going to rise to the occasion.”

On bouncing back:

“Yeah, you know, it's so early and so new, you know we've been together for less than 30 days so we don't have a lot of common experiences. So I think it's inevitable that we're gonna go through some lessons and some bumps in the road. And actually, those are welcome, because that's an opportunity for us to learn and grow.”

On Jarrett Allen:

“Jarrett’s just so active. Live body, both ends of the floor. Picks, rolls hard, causes problems on his rolls and also defensively. He’s just so active. Quick feet. Second efforts around the rim. I just thought he was doing a great job, so we rode him. That’s two good games for him, sorry, three good games for him in the season. Proud of the way he’s played.”


On the loss:

"Well, we turned the ball over a lot. I mean, they shot 15 more shots than us. They out-rebounded -- I only had three rebounds, I got to be better at helping the bigs out rebounding the basketball. I think that would've definitely turned the tide on the game if I was down there mixing it up a little bit more. But we turned the ball over 19 times, they scored 23 points off it. They took 15 more shots than us. That's pretty much the game. To only lose by four -- we seen some good things but more than anything we got to be better."

On Brooklyn's defense:

"We were a little bit too loose on switches, when we were point switching and they were slipping out. (Charlotte coach James) Borrego made some great quick hits over the top, ducking passes when we were slipping and the quick slips on the screen and rolls, they were getting into space. So we have to be ready for that, especially when we use our switching defenses, teams are going to start to slip out of those screens, play with a little bit more pace, and we was behind on a few plays -- especially on close outs and now were fouling and now guys can, you know, drive and kick. So, I think we have to be just a little bit more solid on some of our actions and be a little bit more physical and be communicative."

On playing Memphis on Monday night:

"Yeah, I am looking forward to us putting this behind us and moving on to tomorrow. We are playing against another young, athletic team that is going to test us on both sides of the ball. And, you know, our legs are going to be tested after coming off a back-to-back and a road trip, so it's all about these small tests early in the season, we'll see how we handle it. We are going to just keep pushing through."


On lack of energy:

"It’s definitely disappointing. Take Charlotte out of it. I think we could have played better. I know we could have played better. I know we could have come out and had a lot more energy. I know we weren’t playing to our full potential. Being in the position we are now with KD and Kyrie back and we’re a full team, we’re definitely going to have the target on the back every single game. We’re definitely going to get every single teams’ 100 percent. So we have to come out there ready every single time."

On Hornets scoring in the paint:

"First, consider it a learning experience. Kudos to them. They were getting some tough shots in the mid-range and getting into the paint at their will. We have to be better in the paint defending the rim, and for us, I think we have to be a little more aggressive. I think we were settling for some threes that we could have drove. But at the end of the day, we just have to step up on both ends."

On Nets carrying a target that motivates other teams:

"From being a Net all my life it's definitely something I'm going to have to be used to. No disrespect to us but we never were the team at the top, we were always the underdogs fighting and looking at other people as targets. And now the roles are reversed."