Nets vs. Raptors: Garrett Temple, Caris LeVert, and Jacque Vaughn Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 150-122 loss to the Toronto Raptors.


On Orlando experience for Caris LeVert:

“Great test for him. I think you saw him become much more verbal on the floor, a better recognition of what needed to be done on the floor on both ends, an accountability-level with himself and with his teammates. So great growth from him, an experience I hope he deems as worthy. We definitely appreciated his sacrifice.”

On Caris LeVert breaking out against Raptors:

“Yeah we really tried to push the pace tonight to not let their defense get set. It ran a toll on our group overall, the minutes start to add up when you’re playing a team as athletic and long it just takes a toll on your body physically every game. but we really tried to get out in transition and if it wasn’t transition it was an early-offense attack also, which really got him going downhill.”

On summarizing the season, all the way back to October:

“Hopefully, this was a paradigm shift towards a conversation about social change. Hopefully, this was an opportunity where my kids remember that their dad was able to talk to a group of men, not only about basketball, but about life, and hopefully they are extremely proud of the way I represented the organization. There are a lot of things that go hand-in-hand. Alex, I’m extremely grateful man. This time in my life, you just don’t know what it’s gonna look like going forward. I’m reading Dr. King’s last book, and he was talking about some of the change that will and might and should happen. And we’re still in the area where we’re trying to make those things change. And so, a lot of work needs to be done. I think there’s a social element to it, but the game of basketball is a beautiful game that I love being around, half my life in this NBA, and hopefully many more years to come, partner.”


On first season with Nets:

"It was an interesting 2020, I think, for everybody. Very interesting 2020, for just people on Earth in general -- for Americans, for Black Americans, for the Black community in America -- and then add onto that for basketball players, here for the Nets: the tragic passing of Kobe, Kenny being let go in a change in coaching here in Brooklyn, and then the pandemic and trying to decide whether we were gonna play, how it was gonna happen, and then ultimately getting to this point where we would play and had a very different team and locked up a seventh seed and played against Toronto, the defending champion. So it was a very interesting first season here in Brooklyn, slash Orlando. But I'm glad I was able to play here. It's a great organization, a tremendous organization, first-class in every regard -- exactly what I heard, what I thought when I was signing here. And I very much hope to be here next year when we have our full cast of guys so we can make a nice push. So it's gonna be interesting. I'm excited for the challenge."

On new roles with Durant and Irving next season:

"It definitely changes people's roles. The guys that were starting, they're gonna have the ball in their hands a lot. And obviously it depends on what coach is our coach. KD, you know, both of these guys know how to play basketball a little. In today's game, we have those guys who can play one-on-one and get to their spots. But at the end of the day, the best basketball is basketball when the ball moves and everybody's involved. And with the talent we're gonna have next year, especially early on and throughout the game, we're gonna be able to move the ball, play with the pass, obviously let those guys get to their sports. But when, at the end of the game we need a basket, we can get it to them. But having a guy like Caris show what he can do with the ball in his hands, obviously what Spencer can do with the ball in his hands, they're not going to have to be the guys that have to dominate the ball as much as they've done. Because of what Kyrie has done in the past and what KD did in OKC. KD has shown that he can play with the pass, obviously, in Golden State. Again, with that talent, roles will change, but at the end of the day, if we play with the pass and play team basketball, it's gonna be very tough to stop."

On potentially starting next season in a bubble:

"In terms of the bubble next year, who knows? I signed a contract, this is our job, so if that happens, I just hope we can allow family in a little earlier and, however that goes, we have a little longer to talk about it. We know what has worked and what hasn't worked, so I think we'll have things on the table that hopefully can be done. But if that's what needs to happen, we've gone through it at least once, so it's gonna be difficult times ahead again, but hopefully we'll find a way to make it work."


On thinking about next season:

"Yeah I think mentally, I definitely need a break. Just for maybe a couple of days maybe a week or however long. I don't think I've ever gone through a season like this before like you said that is so long so I'll definitely take some time to myself and reflect, make sure my body is good and gear up for next season.”

On Jarrett Allen's growth in Orlando:

"JA grew tremendously. And I say this all the time. JA is going to be top three centers in the league for a long long time. The only person that can stop that is him. He has all the tools, he's learning how to play each and every day his basketball IQ is growing each and every day and he wants to be that good so I think the sky is the limit for JA. Proud of the way he competed down here and we know he was going to have to be really good for us to have a chance to win any games and he really took that challenge and he did a great job."

On experience for players in bigger roles:

“I think it's going to pay huge dividends down the stretch. Guys were playing out of role, guys were playing extended minutes like you said, playing in big roles in big games despite not having a crowd these are still big games for us. A lot of people watching so I think that's going to pay huge dividends next year and individually for guys down the road in their careers for sure. I think a lot of guys got a lot of confidence down here. ”