Nets vs. Clippers: Tyler Johnson, Caris LeVert, and Jacque Vaughn Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 129-120 win over LA

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 129-120 win over the LA Clippers.


On beating Clippers, Lakers, Bucks:

“I think overall guys look forward to playing the high-profile teams and players in this league, and our guys were extremely ready tonight. The best takeaway for us I think is we were able to put back-to-back games together where we really executed on both ends of the floor. We only gave up 26 points in the fourth and then had 32 assists, so that combination says the guys were really locked in."

On improving and winning four of five:

“Really showing a competitive spirit about us which is great to see, a group of guys that are jelling together, appreciate each other and are really playing extremely hard, and it’s indeed fun to be a part of.”

On offensive performance:

"I’m going to continue to give the guys credit; 32 assists tonight, sharing the basketball, the ball was moving against a very athletic and long team. And then we had the mix of Caris being able to use his one-on-one game to set up some options for us. Joe Harris’ ability to make shots and create movement and the guys to come off the bench and feed off of that. So I think guys are starting to feel where they can get their shots from, how they can help each other and the best part of it is they’re doing it together.”


On acclimating to Nets:

"I figured if I could get past those first couple games — more from a mental standpoint because, physically I felt good — but I think it says a lot about Caris and the guys who have the ball in their hands, Chiozza and those guys, that they continue to find me when I’m open and continue to encourage me to shoot my shots. Being this is my sixth year, I don’t feel like I get as frustrated during those lows, during those times when the ball is just not going in the basket. So, I continue to find my shot, continue to find where I can be aggressive and helpful for this team. Again, we’re only six games in. It’s not going to be perfect just yet, but they do a great job of helping you feel welcome here."

On fast start and confidence in offense:

"We don’t expect to start every game shooting 18 of 21. I think it was a testament to how the basketball was moving. When we have success in our games, it’s getting defensive stops and going, running, allowing our youth to take over and try and catch teams slipping. It’s tough to turn around and chase teams in transition the entire game. So, we know that, if we play like that and we continue to move the ball, we’ve got big-time playmakers, we’ve got a dynamic roller, we’ve got guys who can space the floor and make shots and just have high-IQ players. When we actually do run out in transition, we’re getting mismatches and we’re getting guys in spots where they feel most comfortable. I feel that’s more the key to success moving forward."

On playing Raptors in playoffs:

"As far as going into Toronto, you know what to expect. Then again, there’s no homecourt advantage. You’re playing a basketball team in the same spot for however many games it takes to advance. For us, it’s continue to play our style of basketball. At this point, we understand that, if we do that, we’re capable of beating anybody, and we showed it."


On hanging on after Toronto erased lead:

"We have great leadership. Great leadership with (Jacque Vaughn), the rest of the staff, and then our vets — (Garrett Temple) and Jamal (Crawford) just preaching to us every possession, every quarter. Talking us through possessions. We just have great leadership and it’s easy to follow guys like that."

On going up against Kawhi Leonard:

"Kawhi is one of the best players in the world, top three players in the world, and I love matchups like that. It helps you grow. It’s a challenge. That’s what I came down here for, to be challenged."

On big wins and ball movement:

“I think just belief in ourselves, belief in the work that we put in. We believe we can play with anybody, regardless of what anybody says, regardless. We know how close we are as a group. And then with the ball movement, everybody on the team is a shooter, everybody knows how to play the game and everybody wants to win. We’re not really a one-on-one type of team. If we share the ball, we have a lot of shooters. Everybody’s bought into that and it’s starting to show."

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