Nets vs. Bucks: Garrett Temple, Chris Chiozza, and Jacque Vaughn Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 119-116 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.


On undersized by physical lineup:

“You like seeing that. I loved (Donta Hall's) energy tonight. He gave us some force without having Jarrett Allen available tonight. I think it’s extremely important to have a very competitive and gritty and a tough approach. We talk about dictating and being aggressive. All those things were needed tonight. It was great to see it from this group.”

On victory as shorthanded underdog:

“I think overall, we’ll try to keep things in perspective. Same conversation we had after our first scrimmage here. It will carry through that each day, we’ll take it, process it, see what happens, and reload and do it again. We won’t complicate this thing. Hopefully, more discipline to do that. Just doing simple a little bit better and overall, it feels good for the group."

On 3-2 zone and maybe facing Bucks in playoffs:

“It was something that we had been working on and strategically implementing things at a pace that hopefully the group can grab on to without being overwhelmed. This is a great game for us to roll it out and see what it yielded. So some success, gives us some film to watch, gives me something to do, and if we do have to use it, at least Coach Bud’s got some more film to watch.”


On importance of win:

"It's very big for us. The fact that we were winning with their group, without Brook obviously, without Wes, but they had a group that has won a lot of games. We were winning in the first half. Giannis looked like he was out there working out at halftime expecting to go in so whatever happened, we won the game with the people we had against the people they had and they played so. This is very big for our confidence. We may see them in the first round so we were coming in looking to make a statement."

On Jacque Vaughn:

"We're trying to win. We're not going out here to just mess around or have any moral victories we're trying to win a game. What I learned about Jacque is he is who I thought he is. Nothing different. He's a player's coach, he knows how to motivate. He puts people in position to play their best and he definitely enacts a lot a lot of confidence on the offensive end. He's a great fit, especially for the situation we went into tonight. He's the perfect coach for this."

On advice from Houston Rockets:

"We stay at the same hotel as the Houston Rockets and we talked to them by the pool yesterday and we told them we're playing Milwaukee and asked them for things that they did so they beat them and obviously they're very undersized and they gave us a few tips and we took that to heart. I think our pace offensively, the way we shared the ball and that group two really helped us get settled on the defensive end to get enough stops to win."


On Jeremiah Martin's defense:

"Jeremiah was a great defender tonight. He’s done that every time he gets a chance to play. He’s one of our better defenders. He’s known as a defender. He just comes with a different energy and a different mentality than a lot of guys in the league. He takes pride in the defensive end and that’s why we like him. Smart player. He really came in and set the tone, got charges, got some strips and got us out in the open court and we capitalized on that."

On Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot's scoring:

"Tim came out aggressive. He struggled -- a lot of us struggled in scrimmages shooting, and we know that we were gonna go through our struggles being out for so long. Tim’s career 40-plus-percent three-point shooter so we knew it was gonna fall if he keeps shooting. So every day we’re just telling him shoot it shoot it, get extra reps in and keep that confidence high."

On advice from Houston Rockets:

"They just told us the same thing that coach told us. They’re gonna give up a lot of 3s. You’ve just got to be ready to take them and knock them down. We missed some but you can’t stop shooting. That’s what we did. We had a stretch where we had missed a couple open shots. We didn’t let that bother us. Continue to play hard on the defensive end, and continued to make good plays and take good shots, and we were able to knock them down when we needed them. We made some plays down the stretch and it worked out."