Nets vs. Magic: Garrett Temple, Joe Harris, and Jacque Vaughn Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 128-118 loss to Orlando

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 128-118 loss to the Orlando Magic.


On defensive issues and offensive slowing after first quarter:

“The first part of that is, I think we showed a little bit of our lack of size in the first half, whether it was them attacking the paint, offensive rebounding, and I talked to the team about, we have to embrace that suck a little bit, the fact that we’re going to have to be extremely gritty and determined to put a body on somebody every single possession. Production-wise, their ability to try to get the ball out of Caris’ hands and blitz him was a big part of their game plan. Gave us more than 40 opportunities to shoot threes, so when teams do that, you have to make them pay.”

On defenses focusing on Caris LeVert:

“I think over the course of a game, you make adjustments, and yes, I think there’s no hiding that he is the focal point of the offense, so we’ll make some adjustments that way, but at the same time, Caris was extremely unselfish. Part of the game is getting advantage and keeping advantage. You can draw two people. We like that opportunity also, so we can use him to score for us, to get opportunities for others, and totally believe that guys will take advantage of those opportunities and knock some shots down.”

On Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and second unit:

“That’s huge for us. That’s the first thing I said to the coaching group after we broke the huddle is, there was some good that came from this game, and so the way our group finished at the end, I give them a lot of credit to show resolve and competition level. That got TLC a couple shots that he needed to see going in. Hopefully he can continue to make teams pay going forward.”


On returning to play:

“I think obviously we’re all excited to be back playing. I think not the result that we wanted, but overall I thought we competed especially down the stretch. We kind of dug ourselves a hole a little bit. The second unit, the bench guys fought us back; the compete level was good for the most part. Just little things that we have to clean up here and there execution-wise. But I think just overall we have reason to be optimistic with how we finished the game, just competing all the way to the end.”

On defensive issues:

“To be honest we didn’t necessarily do the best job defensively even in the first quarter. We gave up what 36 maybe? So just struggled all the way throughout. Again it goes back to some things we’ve got to clean up. We definitely need to do a better job of gang rebounding, everybody coming back to the ball, we’re obviously a little limited in terms of size, but that shouldn’t prevent us from getting defensive rebounds. So I think we’ll look at the tape, but I think it’s pretty self-evident that I think a lot of us know we just didn’t do a good enough job preventing them from having second-chance opportunities.”

On teams focusing one Caris LeVert:

“Yeah, I think we’re going to see that pretty much from here on out. Caris is our best offensive player, and teams, they’re going to key in on certain guys, take away certain players and make other guys try and make plays. That’s the way most teams in this league play. We just have to do a better job adjusting and making things easier around him. I think tonight they trapped a lot of his pick-and-rolls; we have to figure out how to get him the ball, keep him involved in actions and not allowing teams to take him out of it. So again one of those things we’re definitely going to go have to back to the tape, look at it and adjust accordingly.”


On teams kneeling together before game:

"For me it meant a great deal. It almost brought me to tears. It meant a great deal for me with the background I’ve had: where I come from, what I believe in, what I think the platform allows us to do. It’s very powerful. The main thing I told my brothers and the people of my community was that I didn’t want to allow this to become a distraction. I felt like we could use this platform to continue to push the narrative, and continue to keep this topic hot because we know that things like this often die down as life goes on, so we want to continue to keep it on people’s minds. And I think what we did tonight and will continue to do helped us to continue to do that."

On defensive challenge:

"It’s gonna be difficult, but we have to be creative. We’re gonna watch film. JV’s a great coach. Him and our assistants are gonna put together some things that’ll help put us in positions to defend better. We understand that it’s gonna be an uphill battle, but we have pieces. When you have a shot-blocker like a Jarrett Allen, guys like Lance Thomas, Caris, we’ve got guys that can defend. So I think it’s more of a mindset. We’ve gotta just figure out ways to put us in positions defensively to be better."

On offensive performance:

"Looking at the stat sheet, I mean I’ve gotta make a few more shots. But if we score 118 points, shoot almost 50% from the field, get to the line 23 times, only had 14 turnovers, 30 assists. We had 59 in the first half, 59 in the second half. I think the biggest thing offensively is we have to continue to have pace. We have to have pace, that’s what got us that lead early on and that’s what got us back into it in the fourth. In order to have pace, though, more times than not, we’ve gotta get stops. And if we can get stops, we can push the ball. If not, taking it out under the nets, that’s a recipe for disaster."

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