Nets vs. Spurs: Taurean Prince, Joe Harris, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 139-120 win over San Antonio

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 139-120 win over the San Antonio Spurs.


On intangibles:

“Our energy level, our compete level. Obviously we rebounded better than our last game. Our spirit was better. It was like the opposite of the other night. I wish I could give you an explanation why that happens, but I know you can’t have too many of those funky games or you get in a slump that sometimes it’s hard to get out of.”

On offensive advantage:

“Yeah, we obviously knew that they were going to go small and the plan was to attack the rim. It started with Spencer (Dinwiddie). I thought he was incredibly impressive to start with. Then Caris (LeVert) kind of came in and was right behind him in that ‘attack the rim’ mentality. That’s kind of what we do, it is our blueprint. They did a heck of a job establishing that attack the rim game.”

On adding Chandler to starting lineup:

“He gives you spacing. I thought at the start of the game he hit that three on the left wing. Once you hit an early three like that, it kind of stretches. Listen, he’s a stretch 4 in this league, he knows how to play that position. Fits the system perfectly. But I did like his adding some more physicality to that first unit. Obviously we started him on DeRozan there. He could firm up and gives us a physicality in that first group.”


On urgency after Memphis loss:

“I can’t really speak for everybody else. Like you said, every win is crucial and last game was last game, but as professionals we come in and we do what we have to do every time no matter who it is. We play to win, so you just have to take that mindset into every game.”

On coming off the bench:

“I’m a grown man, it’s fine. Do I want to come off the bench? Completely not. But do I want to do whatever it takes to help the team get to where we ultimately want to go? Any day of the week.”

On Caris LeVert:

“He’s locked in. Caris is the type of guy who, after games, you’ll see him in the training room getting his body worked on. Before practice, he does all the little things to make those big type of games happen. So credit to him. His hard work’s paying off. All the rehab he’s put in obviously to come back from past injuries, he’s dealt with a lot of road blocks but he continues to be a professional and a humble young man so I’m sure he can get through everything and that’s why he’s playing well.”


On bouncing back from Memphis loss:

“It was probably one of our most disappointing losses against Memphis the other night, so I think everybody responded. We were locked in. We had a great shootaround this morning and then it carried over into tonight.”

On change in starting lineup:

I thought TP (Taurean Prince) did a good job coming off the bench and just playing his game, playing how he typically has up until this point. It seems like he was able to establish a rhythm early. I think sometimes it helps coming off the bench, being able to come in and have that offensive spark. Wilson (Chandler) is just a low-maintenance player. He does all the little stuff. He always makes the right play. He makes the game easier for everybody else.”

On rare shoot around morning of game:

“I don’t think a ton was said. I think it was just we were disappointed with how we played the other night and the level of focus started this morning. Guys were locked in, locked into the scout. Everybody in this locker room is trying to respond. All the coaches, all the players. We were disappointed with how we played. We know that our level of effort, execution against Memphis, we were much more attentive to that this evening and I think it started this morning at shootaround.”

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