Nets vs. Heat: Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 116-113 loss to Miami

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 116-113 loss to the Miami Heat.


On improvement from previous game:

"Much better, much better. Down 14, eight minutes left to go. If we play like that with that type of competitive spirit…It wasn’t perfect by any means, but we kind of got our identity back a little. Just all around I thought both sides of the ball we tried to play the right way."

On fourth quarter comeback:

"I think it was us making shots. Taurean Prince gets two threes to go in. I mean, our offense struggled tonight. We had a tough time scoring. I think those last eight minutes we started to make some shots."

On if game can turn things around:

"We’ve gone through stretches like this before. We lost seven in a row. This is part of the NBA. It’s a long season. We’ve had opportunities. We’ll get it back. We’ll get it back down the road. Obviously, we have a tough game in Boston and then we have home games where we’ve got to get some games back. I’m confident in the group. They’re together, playing hard. I feel good about it going forward."


On the final play:

“We had basically a drawn-out double-screen away for Joe and obviously they switched everything, which created a loaded side on the drive. Jimmy Butler was in help position. So I was gonna throw it to Wilson. Technically, right read, errant pass on my end. Gotta take full responsibility for that. Those were basically the looks. If they switch out and take Joe away with the loaded side, there’s not gonna be much driving lane so threw it to Wilson for the win, going for three.”

On if game was step forward after Atlanta loss:

“I guess so, but at the same time, we dug ourselves a pretty deep hole. And there was a stretch in the third where we were getting a bunch of stops and didn’t capitalize on it. I think we went five possessions each or so where neither team scored, and then they capped it with a Jae Crowder backdoor for the layup that put them up 14 and then we had to climb out of a 14-point hole with eight minutes to go or something like that. We can talk about resiliency and fighting and all those things, and yes that’s cool and it’s good and all, but you know, we shouldn’t be in those holes. We can’t get ourselves in holes and we shouldn’t be in game-winning situations every single game.”

On if it was important to put on better defensive performance:

“For sure, we’re in the playoff race, which means every game in the regular season is a building block, a building process until we get to that destination, the playoffs hopefully. So we want to build every game and get better, take positives from our game. But you want to do so more in wins than in losses.”


On the final possession:

“They did a good job sort of switching out on everything, ended up getting the ball in Spencer’s hands. He made the right read: They were loaded up, it was just one of those freak plays. Spencer doesn’t turn the ball over like that. It was very uncharacteristic of him and just one of those things where it slipped out of his hands I think.”

On his role in final possession:

“Yeah I was coming off a couple of pindowns to see if I could get the ball at the top. And if I got it and they had switched out, then I’d touch it back to Spencer and we’d play out of that. But they did a pretty good job sort of reading the play and switching out on everything.”

On Caris LeVert playing hurt:

“Yep, Caris has battled through a lot his entire career; this is nothing different for him. He’s one of our toughest players, and everybody knows that. He comes out and plays hurt. It’s one of those things where his resilience and toughness just sort of rubs off on everybody else. When you know that he’s battling through something, it’s definitely one of those things where it inspires the rest of the team.”

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