Nets vs. Hawks: Garrett Temple, Joe Harris, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 141-118 loss to Atlanta

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 141-118 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.


On the game:

“First of all, the Atlanta Hawks played great, great basketball. Give them credit. They shot lights out. They were the more aggressive team, the more physical team. That’s first thing off. I think they played great. I think on our end, again, when they made shots we kind of put our had down a little, and when they missed shots they got their offensive rebounds. The part where we didn’t toe the line is our physicality in the rebounding. We knew they’re an athletic team, young athletic team. If we didn’t put a body on ‘em, they’re gonna hurt us. And sure enough they did. So they made shots. They destroyed us on the glass.”

On urgency with Miami, Boston next:

“There’s a sense of urgency every game we play in this league, whether it’s Boston or Miami, there is no easy games. It’s going to be that way the rest. We knew this was gonna be a tough schedule after the All-Star break. And we’ll get it back. I have confidence in the group. Hey, listen, we’ve lost seven in a row. We’ve gone through streaks. Just got to get through it and get your juice back and plow ahead. That’s the only mentality you have to have.”

On halftime adjustments not effective:

“Usually our guys, and again guys it was one game. Our guys have been great defensively all year. Not good, great. Sure, we made some adjustments and they came out and started hitting shots again. We made some changes when they started hitting shots, played some zone, mixed in some box-and-one. Nothing worked. We threw the kitchen sink at ‘em. We tried our basic, went to other options. They hit against everything. And then when they missed, like I said, they gathered the rebounds.”


On the loss:

“No physicality. No attention to detail on the defensive end. I think those two things speak to why a team scores 140 points on you. Everything was easy for them, and when they did miss shots, they were more physical than us. That’s what it was.”

On getting edge back vs. Miami:

“If you don’t feel embarrassed after losing to a team that we’ve beat three times, and beat by quite a large margin last time, they came out and embarrassed us tonight. We’ve got 23 games left, 24 games left. Playoffs, Orlando passed us up tonight. So if we don’t have an edge for the next 23 games, we’re in the wrong sport. Just a matter of us trying to win as many games as we can for the playoff push. This is a wakeup call for us.”

On biggest issues defensively:

“The guys that we wanted to take shots early on made a few. Early on, John (Collins) got a lot of rolls, dunks, that we weren’t as far in as we should have been off people. So they got whatever they wanted. Sometimes we did shift of people and they got threes, sometimes we didn’t and John got dunks. We’ve got to watch the film. Lot of things. Transition, we weren’t great. I think they just didn’t feel us on defense. That’s all it was.”


On getting edge back vs. Miami:

“It’s one of those things where you’ve got to be one of the more aggressive teams right from the jump. You have to assert yourselves, trying to be the more aggressive team. Some of it too is just the lapses in rotations or whatever it might be, getting a little bit out of position and it compounds, one thing leads to another. Once a team asserts themselves early on it makes it tough, and they kind of did that right from the jump today.”

On Atlanta 3-point shooting:

“Any time you see a team shoot that well from three it is certainly deflating, but it’s one of those things where you’ve just got to do a better job locking in defensively, making things tough, getting better contests, running guys off the line, playing to our strengths. Typically we do a pretty good job defensively, especially forcing teams more into the mid-range, taking contested twos, and we just didn’t do a good job of that tonight.”

On halftime adjustments:

“Tried playing a little bit more zone, mess up their rhythm a little bit. I think it’s sort of tough. They obviously established their rhythm early on. Guys were able to knock down shots. Obviously a lot of our game plan was centered around getting the ball out of Trae’s hands. You’ve got to give credit to other guys on their team that stepped up and were able to make plays for them.”/div>

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