Nets vs. Pistons: Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 125-115 win against Detroit

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 125-115 win over the Detroit Pistons.


On key in second half:

“We got some stops. I thought we started the second half with a better defensive mentality. We stopped fouling them, that was key. I thought we put them on the line 17 times in the first half. We corrected that and then we rebounded a little better. I thought Jarrett Allen was big at the rim. Four blocks but I don’t know how many shots he altered. Really, really big. Obviously, Spencer (Dinwiddie) was outstanding, really had that aggressive downhill mentality that we love. Good team effort.”

On if playing game helped healing:

“Yeah, and I think it helps to be home. To hear the Barclays crowd, chanting Kobe’s (Bryant) name, and then the seats there – it felt we could touch it a little more because we were home. I don’t know if that makes sense. That’s how I felt anyway.”

On Kyrie Irving:

“I knew he was locked in yesterday at practice. It surprised the heck out of me. He was so locked in; you’d have to ask him. He was super competitive in practice yesterday. I thought we were going to have one of those days where you’re just going to understandably not going to get much from him. So, his preparation for the game, it was impressive, and he carried it over tonight. I didn’t see any moments of doubt or insecurity, or emotionally – really good with his teammates. My opinion is, I think it’s his haven. This is comfort zone and his place where he feels comfortable. But I’m sure on his drive home tonight, when he is sitting at home alone, I think a lot of those feelings will come back. But this was good for him, playing this game.”


On if game was step toward normalcy:

“Yes, for sure. We’re doing a lot of the same things that we’ve been doing, it’s just not making those mistakes in crucial moments. I think the sense of comfortability and the sense of coming back to normal comes from practice. We had a great couple of days recovering, taking care of your body, knowing what we wanted to do, getting the game plan ready and came out and executed it.”

On being together as group helped healing:

“It’s very big, especially those who knew him personally. Those who were just admiring from afar, as a kid growing up, you wanted to be like him in some type of way, so for that to happen, in that type of manner, is definitely a tragedy. But you just have to stick together and get through the tough times together, and I think that’s what builds camaraderie as well.”

On team mindful of Kobe Bryant's impact on Kyrie Irving and Spencer Dinwiddie:

“100 percent. I think we’ve said things as a group to each other. I don’t think we necessarily singlehandedly picked them out and went to them and said anything. I think it was more of a group thing, and I think that’s the great part about it. You do things as a group, and I’m sure they felt our love. I know the tribute today did a lot for those two especially. I told Kyrie myself that I was going to be with him early so just trying to be there for your brothers as much as you can and get through the tough times and continue to take it day by day. That’s all you can really do.”


On battling Andre Drummond:

“I enjoy them a lot. He’s the best rebounder in the NBA. I’m trying to get to a certain level where he’s at, so just going at him every night like I am is what I want.”

On importance of keeping Drummond moving:

“Definitely was really important. I’m not bashing him, but he’s not the fastest guy – he’s still pretty athletic, but not the fastest, and that’s one of my strong points, to be able to run up and down the court, so we took full advantage of it.”

On whether it was cathartic to get back to basketball:

“For all of us, I feel like basketball is our safe haven. When we’re on the court, when we’re playing with each other, when we see our guys out there doing well, it calms everybody down. It’s like our little home that we can retreat back into.”

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