Nets vs. Lakers: Kyrie Irving, Taurean Prince, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 128-113 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.


On what happened during the Lakers' second-half run:

“I think we did not shoot it well. We couldn’t really figure out our transition defense. Even on dead balls, which is very frustrating to me as a coach. They exploited us continuously in transition defense. Third game in a row where we really struggled there. So, that was a big one. They shot the heck out of it. I think some of that was us not defending well, and some of that was them shooting the heck out of it.”

On what happened when the game got away:

“I do think they have to be one of the best, if not the best, passing teams in the league, led by LeBron (James). Obviously (Rajon) Rondo supports that. They get downhill and I think they started getting into our paint. We throw so much attention at LeBron. He started throwing out to shooters and their spacing was excellent. They went small without JaVale (McGee) in there, so now it’s not two big guys in there in the paint, they have everybody outside. We tried to match up and go small. They did a great job spreading us out, creating space and making shots.”


On difficulty defending LeBron James:

“You have to stay disciplined. As great as he is going downhill and making plays for others, just have to stay disciplined. I feel like a few times we got caught ball-watching, and he did what a great player should do and he took advantage of it. Guys were knocking down shots in the first half, and it continued in the second half.”

On the energy in Barclays Center:

“We like to be on the winning side in front of our fans, but obviously when it’s a high, marquee matchup like that, then you’re going to see the fans show out. I feel like the more we come together as a team, the more fans will come out.”

On what team has learned over last five games:

“We just have to fight even more — that’s really what it comes down to. We have to have that mentality coming into games that although we are undersized at times in matchups — we still have to do the little things — boxing out, getting out in transition, shooting open shots and just making good decisions. We don’t have a lot of room for error. We are going against other good teams – they have pieces out there that are making us work on the defensive end. They get out in transition or we get out in transition – we just have to attack the rim and knock down open shots. I feel like we’ll be alright.


On Lakers' second-half run:

“I think we just had some slip-ups at the end of the third quarter. We had the momentum going into the end of it, but the slip-ups shifted the momentum and allowed them to take off in the fourth quarter.”

On Brooklyn's recent injuries:

“We’ve got to realize there are a lot of different lineups. A lot of switch-ups. A lot of things we are trying defensively. A lot of things we are doing as a team to prepare ourselves for a certain way we want to play. We’ve just got to adjust on the fly, be a pro about everything and just continue to do what is put together for the team and try to pull out as many wins as possible.”

On what team has learned over last five games:

“Our ability to move onto the next play and not allow things to snowball effect into even worse situations. In these games we’re right there. Like I said, it’s just minor slip-ups as a team that we can fix. That’s the good part about it, but if we don’t make those slip-ups, we’re in every game.”