Nets vs. Jazz: Kyrie Irving, Caris LeVert, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 118-107 loss to the Utah Jazz.


On loss to Utah:

“First of all, just give them credit. What you saw tonight backs up their stellar play recently. They’ve been the number one offense over 15, 20 games and we could never find a way to stop them. Just that simple. Transition defense, pick-and-roll defense, rebounding, physicality, all of this stuff, I think they just dominated. We’ve been really good defensively for the last couple of months, over a long period of time, and tonight we just weren’t. We never found a solution to stop them. I do want to look big picture and understand that we have been defending well lately. But they were just too strong tonight – made shots, screened us, great job by the Utah Jazz.”

On Brooklyn offense:

“Good and some not so good. I think we’re throwing a lot of new items out there and when you look at a team like Utah, the continuity they have – continuity, development, guys being together for a long period of time. We have runway where we have to start getting our guys together and putting that together over months and hopefully years, and that’s how you become really good. Kind of in the infant stages with this new team, so it’s going to take some time. I would say right now they are far ahead of us; we’ve got a long way to go to catch a team like that.”

On Irving, Dinwiddie, LeVert playing together:

“I’d love to know what the plus-minus is what that group. There was some really good stuff. I could see them trying to; who’s bringing it up this time? There’s gonna be some growing pains, but there’s also some really good stuff. It’s like, who gives Utah a little issue, who guards who? You’ve got three ball-handlers out there. It’s something we’ll continue to look at. All three of them are in the top five of best players on this team, so we’re gonna have to look at it more, find a way for it to work.”


On second half:

“I mean, when you look at them on film—I’ve watched a few of their games and there is a reason why they are 15-1 in their last 16 games, so we have to give them credit. They finished off the first quarter, we gave up five points. We were up 26-25 then it was 30-26 to end the last four minutes and then the second quarter, you play against really good teams like that, they go on runs. We were down 13 going into halftime and we were just climbing up hill. And we’ve had a tendency to do that over our fair share of games and we just can’t get into that kind of position moving forward. But that’s a good team in that locker room. They’ve really played well together this season and they’re developing, so you give them credit. But also, we can correct some things on the defensive end. Switches, communication, being there to switch when we call out switches, just little things like that and we just have to keep developing that and we’ll be alright.”

On back-to-back vs. Philadelphia:

“Another big team. Gonna pack the paint. Gonna be very physical. It’s always a great crowd in Philly, so you’ve got to expect that. They’re pretty good on their home floor this year. We give them respect, but we’ve got to come in there as a road team and just continue to battle. Weather the storm, weather their runs, and just play our basketball. Just continue to be there for each other defensively, make our mark on that end. Offensively, just moving the basketball, attacking those guys and staying in a rhythm the whole game.”

On playing with LeVert and Dinwiddie:

“It’s an adjustment. You’ve got guys that you respect and you want to give them a lot of space and you want to create different opportunities for one another. We’ve just got to figure out a way to play better off one another when we’re out there on the perimeter. It’s a big guard front. We’ve got to be able to guard on the other end as well.”


On chemistry with Irving and Dinwiddie:

“I think it worked well today. I have to watch some film of it, but I think we definitely had some advantages out there on the court. I think we played well together, but it was obviously late in the game. I think the last stretch we were playing together, but I think it worked well overall.”

On back-to-back in Philadelphia:

“I think mentally we have to be prepared because, obviously, tough one tonight, and we know Philly is a good team and they obviously have a great crowd. So I think just going in there mentally prepared, we’ll do a good job.”

On advantages with Irving and Dinwiddie:

“I think just finding the advantage out there on the court, I think it will be very tough for teams to be able to guard all three of us. So I think just finding a matchup that we like each and every time down the court and just exploiting that.”