Nets vs. Knicks: Jarrett Allen, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 94-82 loss to the New York Knicks.


On the most disappointing part of loss:

“They just outplayed us. Plain and simple. You could sit there and write or talk about missed shots – and we missed a lot of open shots – I don’t buy that. Give them credit, they were just simply the better team. Take the missed shots out. They were excellent defensively at the rim. They obviously guarded the 3- point line well enough for us to miss a ton of three’s. I thought our defense, besides the third quarter, our defense was good. This is one of those nights where you just have to give the other team credit.”

On shaking off the loss:

“We’ll shake it off. We have good guys who are resilient. We’ll touch the ball tomorrow and shoot a little bit and work on our offense, obviously. Like I said, I thought the defensive effort was good enough. At the rim and shooting the ball we just didn’t do well enough. Again, I’d like to push the credit to the Knicks. They were just simply the better team.”

On Garrett Temple and Taurean Prince shooting struggles:

“Those guys will get it back. It’s like a baseball player. Sometimes you go five or six games and you’re swinging. I trust those guys. I trust how they shoot. We’re going through a bad stretch right now, but we’ve had other guys pick them up. It can’t be those guys every night, but we had a lot of guys off tonight. Just collectively we were off. I don’t’ think anybody was in rhythm tonight, including myself.”


On offensive performance:

“It’s a tough task when you shoot 25 percent. That makes playing defense harder and that makes running up and down the court harder. At the end of the day, we still have to have more effort.”

On ball movement:

“I think we were all searching for our shot. I think that’s the most political way to put it. I think we could’ve moved the ball more but at the end of the day we were all just frustrated.”

On only attempting two shots:

“During the game, when I was rolling and I looked towards the rim, I had at least two defenders in front of me. I think that was kind of the coverage to stop the roll and I think that is why we had a lot of 3-point (attempts) tonight. Spencer (Dinwiddie) would find the open man in the corner that came to help on me. I’m not too worried about the two shots tonight. I got my teammates open shots.”


On Nets' performance:

“For us, we held them under 100 points, which was the target. We also shot 27 percent from the field. Let’s go with too much eggnog. I don’t know what else to tell you.”

On if he agrees with Kenny Atkinson lack of energy:

“Yeah, I mean anytime you shoot 27 percent from the field, and you’re not necessarily the aggressors, you can talk about energy for sure. So, he’s right.”

On ball movement:

“Yeah, I mean, it’s deflating to miss that many shots so sometimes you start pressing a little bit. So it’s like park basketball. We’ve all watched a ton of basketball, we all kind of understand what happens when the collective shoots that poorly. I mean, it was all of us. One through 15. I missed five free throws and smoked two layups, that’s nine points right there. That could be a whole game changer.”