Nets vs. Nuggets: Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 105-102 win over the Denver Nuggets.


On how Nets have developed defensively in big situations:

“Big stops at the end. Big stops. I thought our rebounding – they really hurt us the first game (in November) with their offensive rebounding. So not only the stops, but getting those rebounds, especially at the end of the game. I thought Taurean (Prince) was a big part of that. When he gets 11 or 12 rebounds, whatever he got tonight, that really helps us. But we are improving defensively. Offense wasn’t great. When you win a game where we make seven threes, that’s good news. I will defend our offense a little. We got to the rim a ton. We really attacked the rim well tonight.”

On correlation between missing threes but getting good shots at rim:

“I’m sure the scouting report (on us) is, get them off the 3-point line. So now we’re in closeouts all the time. Show it, don’t take a contested one. I thought that’s what happened in the first half, but we were taking a ton of contested shots. Then we started getting them up in the air and driving and really making some good plays at the rim.”

On second unit playing better than last game vs. Denver:

“No, we kept the same rotation. I thought their reserves played great. Monte Morris – he always loves playing against the Nets. He hit two big threes there and kind made the game tight, but our reserves are doing a heck of a job. They’re holding the fort, proud of the way they’re playing. I think DeAndre (Jordan) is really helping us right now.”


On what win says about shorthanded squad:

“It says the guys in this locker room not only believe, but know that we can compete at a high level, coaching staff knows that. As long as we play defense, as long as we hold people to around 100 points, we feel like we can score enough to win and that can be the hallmark of this group, defense and scrappiness."

On plans for late possessions:

“We had a little action or whatever. I'm the one that told Jarrett [Allen] no, don't come up here. It's kind of like in the Cleveland game too. As long as it's working y'all are gonna love me, as soon as I miss y'all are gonna hate me and tell me I'm selfish or something. We're gonna keep rolling with it until that moment and I'll deal with whatever I gotta say then."

On what coach Atkinson's confidence means to him:

“That's kind of a trick question, I mean I really appreciate the confidence, at the same time eleven (Kyrie Irving) and seven (Kevin Durant) aren't playing either, and 22 (Caris LeVert). All it's about is getting wins at the end of the day. Taking the last shot, not taking the last shot, doesn't really matter too much."


On whether this was a statement win:

“I think it is. They are a great offensive team, even on defense. We still have to come out and play hard, so I think this is a good step in the right direction.”

On finding consistency with another double-double:

“I think it is definitely slowing down a little bit for me and I give a lot of credit to Spencer (Dinwiddie). We have a little connection with each other where we know where the other is going to be. And it’s just being aggressive on the boards.”

On keeping momentum going:

“For us, it’s don’t get too high and don’t get too low. I think we do a great job of that all around of staying level-headed and ready for the next game. Just keep that going.”