Nets vs. Celtics: Garrett Temple, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 121-110 loss to the Celtics

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 121-110 loss to the Boston Celtics.


On the loss:

I thought we competed well. It was just really the rebounding. It’s rare in a game you say, is it one thing that really kind of changed the game. I thought it was rebounding. You can’t give a team that many extra shots and that many extra possessions. I don’t know how many more shots they had than us, but you can’t give an elite team 12 to 14 more shots whatever it was and that was really the story of the game.”

On second unit without Spencer Dinwiddie:

“We can’t play him 48 minutes. I’d love to, but I’m not there yet, not this early in the season. It’s a long season. Listen I think Theo and Musa those guys have done a good job holding the fort tonight. They took advantage of us a little bit when he was on the bench. I’m gonna stick with those guys. You’ve gotta stick with them through the good times and the bad times. They helped us win the Cleveland game. It’s one game. They’ll continue to be in the rotation.”

On David Nwaba's defense:

“I think we need his physicality against a team like this. He’s strong and he presents a physical, physical presence that I felt like we needed. He played very well. I was really happy with him.”


On youth of second unit:

“We’ve got confidence in everybody in this locker room. We’re not really worried about that. Who plays and who doesn’t, we can’t control that. At the end of the day we believe in every single one of the guys.”

On team developing with Kyrie Irving out:

we’d much rather have him. We’d much rather be a healthy team. We’d much rather be trying to chart that part to where we all want the end goal to be, but we’re going to take the silver lining as it comes and try to grow as a team.”

On rebounding:

“That’s what it looks like. Have to watch the film. But if we do a better job of limiting them to one possession we probably have a better chance of coming out with a victory.”


On rebounding:

“Especially third quarter. I think they got 11 offensive rebounds in the third. That’s something that’s tough to come back from. I think we were only down by five or six, so we had a chance. But it’s tough. With DJ being out, we knew that Enes-Nic matchup was something we needed to keep an eye on. And he’s just a beast in terms of getting offensive rebounds and being able to finish inside the paint. We didn’t do a good enough job of getting in there and helping rebound. I think that’s where the game really shifted.”

On rotations and scoring for second unit:

“I’ve actually played kind of the same as I did the last few games. I’ve been coming out early and coming back in with the second unit. I think we all, the starters played a little less than we usually did because the second unit we made a good run end of the first, beginning of the second quarter. Whenever coach puts me in I’m just going to just do whatever I’ve got to do. I understand my role and I’m going to play it as well as I can.”

On adjusting to a fluid role:

“That’s what they pay me for. Part of the reason I was here was to be a mentor as well as produce on the court. I’ve been in so many different roles in my entire career. Fifteenth guy to not dressing to starter playing 40 minutes a game. I think that has helped me understand the role. Kenny does a great job communicating. Just understanding the scenario. It’s not like he tells people not to shoot or to shoot. We have a team that flows and guys know what their role is. Like I said, we just play it to a T and deal with the results.”

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