Nets vs. Cavaliers: Jarrett Allen, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 108-106 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.


On Spencer Dinwiddie and Jarrett Allen:

“Oh man, they just keep getting better. They got better as the game went on too, got stronger. Jarrett Allen is playing fantastic. The rebounds are a pleasant surprise; but his overall game — even catching it in the half-roll and a couple nice passes. We just did a great job getting to the rim tonight. I think 60 points in the paint. Great job driving the ball. Spencer was at the rim all night. Wish he would have had a few more free throws, but that’s how it goes. Our process was right. We got rewarded for sticking with our principles.”

On winning 5 of 6 without Irving and LeVert:

“It’s how connected these guys are. It does help that it’s guys that have been here for a long time. I think that continuity helps. (Garrett Temple) is like the new guy in that group, (Taurean Prince) too. But we’ve got guys that have been here that understand what we’re doing. That helps a lot.”

On team wanting the second win on back-to-back:

“I sense it in the locker room. An aura, sometimes you feel like they were locked into this game. They were ready to go. I thought physically in the first half, we did not look good. But I felt like we got stronger as the game went on. But like we talked about before the game, I think it was the mental approach. It’s a connected group right now. They’re feeling good about themselves. It carried over. Got us a win tonight.”


On game-winning shot:

“We actually kind of had a play. Kenny had drawn up a great play. And, I mean, I didn’t run it. But like I said, because I was trying to get something really quick, just in case so we would have a chance, because obviously if you get a shot up at three right, it hits the rim, it’s up in the air, it’s two, maybe JA gets a tip, maybe not. Even if they get the ball, they’ve got to turn around, one, throw it. With no timeouts, the likelihood they get a good shot off is low but you give ourselves pretty much a two-for-one in that situation, so that’s why I did what I did. Cedi was kind of shading the right, so I take a couple dribbles left. When he tried to recover, just crossed over and from there it was just getting to a spot and pulling up. It wasn’t about driving to the rim or anything like that because it wasn’t a situation where I needed a rim attempt, needed a three or anything. I just needed a solid look, hopefully a quick amount of time, get to a place where I felt really comfortable. So analytics are off at that point. I just pulled up. I’m 6-6 too, so it’s not like I’m short.”

On team's play over last week:

“It’s the defense, man. At the end of the day, that’s all it comes down too. And that should be a Nets theme regardless of who’s playing. This is not something that’s like, oh this group or that group or he’s in or he’s not in. If we as a unit can hold a team to around 100 points then we have a chance winning that game. Obviously when we have Kyrie and them the chances then are a lot higher.”

On Jarrett Allen's block of Jordan Clarkson:

“Jordan was driving. GT was doing a good job of staying on his hip, trying to make it tough for him. He gave a little stutter step, continued to go to the basket, shot a floater. JA does what he does best, came weak side, punched it. I would have liked if he just caught it really. We’ll save that for another time.”


On blocking Jordan Clarkson:

“I should have kept it in bounds. I got a little excited, throw it out of bounds. If I would have tipped it up to myself and grabbed it, we would have got the possession.”

On offensive rebounding:

“It’s developed a lot. Still working on getting offensive rebounds. I’m learning I can be a lot more careless with pushing people and being more physical now. When I got in the league, I wanted to do the right thing and not foul, but they don’t really call much.”

On guidance from DeAndre Jordan:

“I think it does. He’s been open to everything. Even during halftime he was coming in and telling me how to box out Tristan Thompson. He was telling me how to get offensive rebounds. If Tristan Thompson goes to block a shot, he said, ‘you have to get that rebound.’ So he’s been motivating me a lot.”