Nets vs. Pacers: Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 115-86 loss to the Indiana Pacers.


On Indiana's 32-6 run:

“We totally weren’t there tonight. For whatever reason – defensively, offensively, rebounding, physicality – I just think it was total domination by Indiana. I always do this, in a game like this in the NBA you have to give them a lot of credit because they had a lot of guys out too. So, fantastic job by Indiana, a lot of credit. Nets, we weren’t very good tonight. When that happens, much like Phoenix, it’s a 30-point difference.”

On Brooklyn's physicality:

“I think it’s a mindset, first of all. I think you have to come with a mindset and of course you have to come with your wears – your physicality and your toughness. Listen, it’s not like we don’t have those things. We’ve shown we have them, we’ve done it, but right now, below average teams are inconsistent and that’s what we are right now. We’re kind of like this and until we get the group together and find some more consistency – what’s disappointing, I thought that we took two good efforts at Denver and Utah and then an excellent road win and then obviously to come here, in front of our fans, it just doesn’t feel good at all.”


On difficult games like this:

“It’s frustrating because it’s sort of been the same scenario for a lot of the season, where we just haven’t put a collective, full 48 minutes together. Tonight, second quarter, obviously a big lapse defensively, big lapse on the defensive glass. It’s a lot of stuff where you come in prepared, game plan was there, coaches had you ready and it’s sort of a lack of effort and energy on our part and that’s why it’s frustrating.”

On sustaining energy and effort:

“I think it’s pretty straightforward. There’s a lot of it that’s out of your control when you’re playing, but the things that are in your control are competing every possession, playing hard every possession, having that sense of urgency. The ownership, the pride, a lot of that stuff isn’t there for us right now. It’s there in lapses, but it’s not there consistently.”

On lack of consistency:

“It’s a tough question to ask. If we knew, we’d be playing at a pretty high level. Obviously, I think you go through waves like any team over the course of the season where you’re going to have a stretch of really good games where it is there relatively consistently. If you can do it for even 38, 40 minutes, you’re going to put yourself in a position to win a lot games. It’s when you have the big lapses like we had tonight and like we’ve had to this point this season.”

Jarrett Allen

On Nets not hitting their stride:

“It’s definitely frustrating seeing us hit our stride in spurts. We want to keep that throughout four quarters but at the end of the day, I know we keep saying it’s going to take time. We have Caris (LeVert) and Kyrie (Irving) out and that’s always going to be tough, so we just have to keep battling.”

On trying to block out a game like this:

“For these type of games it’s tough. You saw us in the third quarter and how we played hard. We started getting back into the game but it’s tough to let these go.”

On Indiana's 32-6 run:

“We weren’t playing good defense and they were hitting shots. There were just a lot of mistakes on our end.”