Nets vs. Bulls: Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 117-111 win over the Bulls

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 117-111 win over the Chicago Bulls..


On importance of win:

“The last game of the road trip, we all know how difficult those games are. 15 guys bonded together, and I don't think it was pretty, but credit to our players. One hundred percent a really gutty performance.”

On Spencer Dinwiddie:

“He took over. His drives, how aggressive he was, understanding the mismatch, understanding when to get out of the blitz. He was just fantastic.”

On Brooklyn's next man up mentality:

“I think that is what we are all about. We’ve got to trust these guys. These guys have put in a lot of work. They have been in our program for a while, so they understand what we are doing. We can’t burn out our top eight guys. So those guys’ contributions were huge. It’s like the ultimate team victory. Your best player is out and everybody steps it up a level. It’s a real boost to our moral.”


On the win:

"I thought we were a lot better defensively. We put them on the line too much for our liking, but other than that, our defense was really solid. When you can hold the other team to take tough shots and get the defense rebounds, you're going to be able to have a good shot [at winning], and that was a lot of what shifted the momentum for us in the second half."

On Spencer Dinwiddie:

"Spencer [Dinwiddie] did a good job with letting it come to him, I think their bigs’ might have worn down a little bit. It's tough to keep hedging on guys continuously throughout the game and Spencer [Dinwiddie] did a good job with being patient, hitting the roller. Then, late in the game he started attacking the bigs and getting downhill."


On takeaways from the game:

"Keeping our composure. You look at all the other teams in the third quarter, we let the other teams come back. Even in the fourth, you look at Denver [ Nuggets] being more aggressive than us, but in this game we didn't let that happen. This is what we are looking for, coming together and playing as one unit."

On Spencer Dinwiddie:

"That's exactly what we needed for us to come out on top. He calmed us down, slowed down the offense and got to the foul line. He's a smart player. He knew he had five fouls and he needed to be safe so that why he attacked. To get fouls for us.”

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