Nets vs. Grizzlies: Kyrie Irving, Joe Harris and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 134-133 loss to the Grizzlies

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 134-133 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.


On a tough loss:

"Any time you lose at the buzzer, it’s a tough loss. To sum it up, we could never get stops. I don’t know how many straight possessions they scored, but I never felt like we could get the requisite stops to win this game. It really started in the first quarter when we gave them 14 free throws, a lot of silly mistakes, putting them on the line. Got in a hole again, down 14. We could look at the end and say this and that, but really, we didn’t deserve to win the game."

On small lineups in fourth quarter:

"I felt they went small, so, we kind of matched going small. I liked it. It’s something we’ll look at. Joe was at the four. I think you’ll see games with as many good perimeter players as we have, there’s going to be different guys in there. Sometimes, we go super small with Taurean at the five. We need that in our package."

On defense:

“We say 70 percent of our emphasis and our work is done on the defensive end. I’ve always thought that’s how you should do it. The offense we build as the season goes. We’ll continue to look at it. Every team deals with the schedule, not just us. We’re going to have to figure it out in the film room, walk-throughs, we’ve got to figure it out on the court and then you need game reps to get on the same page. Our guys need to play together a little more and figure some things out."


On Nets defense:

“It’s communication, but more important, physicality. We’ve just got to bring the fight to the other team. They were really comfortable at times. Guys that don’t normally make plays, they were making plays tonight and they had a great comfortable game. You look back at the film, see where you can be position-wise and move on.”

On fourth quarters:

“I just think that it’s just consistency. Transition from being up five or being up seven and knowing how to manage the game after that. It’s just becoming more cerebral on the offensive end and defensive end. Just not doing things that will put us in a position where we’ll have to play catchup or we don’t have a chance to continue to build on our lead. It takes experience and it takes time.”

On Memphis rookie JA Morant:

“I expected him to come out aggressive. Be who he is. He got downhill a few times, finished over our bigs. Didn’t really hit the outside shot tonight, which we wanted to encourage. He’s pretty great at what he’s known for. Being in the paint, playing with a lot of passion, and I think he showed that tonight.”


On disappointment of loss:

“Certainly a level of frustration just because there were some mental miscues down the stretch and really throughout the game. Felt like it was a game we sort of beat ourselves a little bit. Too many mental mistakes at the defensive end. You can’t give up 133 points, even in overtime and expect to win games.”

On defending with small lineups:

“I think the NBA is sort of shifting. There’s a lot of like sizes in this locker room. A lot of guys are capable of guarding bigger players. With Memphis, if they’re playing Jaren Jackson at the five, he’s a perimeter type player, although he’s 6-10, 6-11, he still handles the ball a lot of plays. Very similar like a guard. But a lot of it is focused on coming back, rebounding and being able to understand the coverages when you are in the four or five position.”

On common thread to fourth quarters:

“I think at the end of the day, regardless of who you’re playing against, there’s talent on every single team in the NBA. You don’t look through the NBA schedule and say, ‘this is going to be an easy night.’ Every team that you play against has got high-level talent, high-level young talent, and that’s what we saw tonight. This is not your typical Memphis team. I think the longest tenured guy is Dillon Brooks. But they have a lot of good, young pieces. Talented young guys that compete and play hard. We expect our experience to weigh out, to not make mental mistakes, especially down the stretch in games. But like I said earlier, we probably had a few too many, especially against an inexperienced team like Memphis.”

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