Nets vs. Kings: D'Angelo Russell, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 123-121 win over the Kings

See what the Nets had to say after their 123-121 win over the Sacramento Kings.


On postgame emotions:

"I'm speechless really. The locker room wasn't speechless. That's a jubilant locker room. It's just a credit to those guys that haven't been playing and their work ethic and stick-to-it and all the extra work they've done while they weren't playing and the stay-ready thing, it's a beautiful story. They got hot obviously; D'Lo supported them. It was a heck of a comeback, heck of a win."

On players taking ownership:

"So, the coaching was terrible. The zone was terrible. The timeouts, I used up my timeouts, they never responded. I really believe that, I would have said win or lose. I think we put a group out there, a bunch of players that have a great bond and a great spirit and were working their tails off behind closed doors and behind the curtain. It was 100 percent on them. That's player ownership. They owned it, and so glad to see them rewarded."

On comebacks:

"Houston was I don't think as great as this one. Houston was a heck of a comeback. I think we were at our wits end. It was kind of desperation. We turned to that group and it was a little bit like, let's conserve our main guys and play it out. I wasn't expecting an amazing comeback. I just have to be honest. And then slowly but surely we started cutting the lead. I think we got it to 12, wait a second, this is possible. Then I think we cut it 10 and then it's like, OK, it's game on now and ended up closing it out."


On spark from Hollis-Jefferson, Dudley and Graham:

"Those guys, they grind, they play defense, they make plays, they set good screens, they roll, they finish. When you've got guys of that caliber on our team that know their roles like that, I think when you throw them out there they're ready at all times. Coach kind of tested that tonight and put those guys out there and they responded."

On importance of win:

"We knew going into the game, win by any means. That was the key to the game. Do whatever you got to do to win. Everybody came, stepped up and did their jobs. We were limited at the end with a funky lineup, but it was a hell of a coaching play by coach and it worked."

On small lineup in fourth quarter:

"When we go small like that, teams got to score on us at the other end. When you've got a guy like Rondae at the 5, we can switch, he's active in the passing lanes, then you've got TG on the floor who can switch as well and he's physical, he plays bigger than he is, that was our advantage."


On final play:

"It started off, draw it up for D'Lo, come in full speed, set a good screen so if he had an open shot he could shoot it of he could just iso and make a play. We saw that wasn't working so the next option was me popping the ball and dribbling, handing it off to him. He couldn't get open, so I saw him looking at me, like throw it over the top, then he looked at the clock, he was like, 'Go, go, go.' I just put my fifth gear, sixth gear, locked in, looked at the rim and went to the basket."

On staying ready:

"It's just about being locked in at all times. You never know when your number's going to be called. You never know in life what you'll go through, but just understanding that opportunities come and when that opportunity presents itself you've just got to be ready."

On fourth quarter:

"Honestly, going into it, I was like, the only thing we need to do is change our energy. We're going to make mistakes, we're going to turn the ball over, but the energy was a little low. So I just knew when I came in there I had to impact the game with my energy."

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