Nets vs. Jazz: Caris LeVert, Joe Harris, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 114-98 loss to the Utah Jazz.


On loss to Utah:

"I don't know, first half, second quarter, third quarter, fourth; I think they dominated us in every sense; physically first of all, through physical domination. But listen, against an excellent defensive team like that we didn't move the ball well enough. I think, 20 assists, we've got to do a better job moving the ball. And then defensively, I never felt like we slowed them down. They dominated us in every fashion."

On Utah defense:

"It's huge. We obviously had trouble finishing at the rim, and we're not making our threes, that's an issue. Two elite rim protectors that we didn't do well against. There is a certain point where you drive it at Rudy Gobert, don't try to finish. Kick it out and get multiple drives. I felt like we settled for too many mid-range and obviously when we got to the rim we couldn't finish."

On offensive struggles:

"I think collectively we're just not playing well right now offensively. I think it's a period we've got to get through. It happens. Conversely, we've been really good defensively, and we've gone through both stretches. So I'm not going to overreact to it. We'll work on it. And we're not shooting the ball well either. That's an issue. We've got to turn it around here soon against these good teams we're coming up against."


On loss to Utah:

"I think honestly we've got to play better defense. Tonight -- obviously the Thunder game was a little different -- but tonight I think our defense was lacking a little bit. They're a really good set defensive team, I think they're tops in the league when they're set. Coming in the goal was to get in transition. We obviously weren't able to do that tonight and you saw their defense is pretty good in the halfcourt set."

On effect of Gobert and Favors:

"We still want to play our game no matter who we're playing against with the type of shots we want, whether it be threes, we just want them to be good threes, not dribble up threes, touch the paint first and then hit a three."

On offense impacting defense:

"That's always a struggle, especially for a younger team. It obviously starts with the backcourt, myself, we've just got to be better and set the tone defensively."


On Utah defense:

"I think we had a difficult time just finishing when we were in the paint and then when we did get in the paint, we were a little -- not hesitant -- but we just didn't make the right reads a lot of times, whether it was making the extra pass, giving up good shots for great shots, but it's a credit to their defense too. Their length and activity made it difficult for us all night."

On Gobert and Favors:

"Gobert, Favors, both of those guys are elite defensively. Even if they're not blocking shots, they're still making it tough. Their activity, their length. It even makes pocket passes difficult. We were just talking about, I don't think we did a good job of getting the ball to the bigs in the pocket for them to make plays. It seemed like a lot of the screening action was getting downhill and trying to finish over the top of those guys and they're almost baiting us into pull-up 2s and tough contested rim finishes."

On offense affecting defense:

"I think when you are knocking down shots there's more of a wave of confidence that you feel, but I think, Kenny talked about it after the game ... we can't let missed shots affect how we play defensively. We're going to look at the film obviously tomorrow in the afternoon but I'm sure when we watch it you'll see guys missing shots and it impacting the way we play defensively whether it's not getting set transition-wise, not getting 50/50 balls, whatever it might have been. The defense has got to remain constant whether or not the offense is there."