Nets vs. Thunder: D'Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 108-96 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.


On OKC second half:

"We didn't do a great job handling their physicality. In a short phrase, that's it. That being said, it's a two-point game. We give up 38 points in the third quarter, but it's still a two-point game going into the fourth quarter. So we hung around. Listen, against a team like this I think you've gotta be close to perfect to beat them on the road here and weren't at that level."

On OKC intensity, physicality:

"It's a good lesson for this road trip, being able to handle the physicality when a team really turns it up like that. It's on both sides of the ball. It's taking care of the ball offensively and taking good shots. You've got to run your cuts a little better, you've got to screen a little better, everything's got to be a little more perfect. And then be able to keep an athletic team in front of you. I don't know how many blow-bys we had tonight. I know that's what they do, but we did it for three quarters of the game, but not for the whole game."

On Brooklyn offense:

"I think they're the top-rated defensive team in the league I believe, one or two. I think that they are an outstanding defensive team. That being said, globally we have not been good offensively since the All-Star break. So we're going to have to look at it. I think our decision-making's got to be a little quicker. I think we're passing up shots quite honestly. Allen Crabbe, I would love for him to shoot nine threes tonight. I think to beat a team like this you've got to let it go when it's open. I thought they had us on our heels a little bit where we were just a little slow on our decision making. Against this team if you don't have quick decision making they put you in a bind."


On Oklahoma City:

"Top team. You've got to match that intensity. Give a lot of credit to them defensively. They made it tough for us all tonight. They were physical all night. They just had a playoff atmosphere here at home."

On Oklahoma City defense:

"Just all around they did a great job of taking things away, getting the ball out of our hands, blitzing when they needed to, being back when they needed to, scored in transition. They did a lot. Just all around I think they were better tonight."

On lesson from OKC physicality:

"In general, you weather a team's storm. I think we were dominating the game the whole time and they just took off, when they had a little cushion they took off and we couldn't get back from there. I think that's something you could learn from, just handling that adversity and weathering the storm better."


On OKC second half:

"They're a well-seasoned ballclub. They've been to the playoffs multiple times. They have great players all around. They turned up the intensity, were able to force turnovers and obviously we didn't get enough stops."

On OKC defense disrupting Brooklyn offense:

"I think they definitely did. Obviously they did some things that are a little bit different than other teams in the NBA. They're one of the teams that likes to be very high, play push defense, almost quasi-trip, Indiana's another one, but there's not many that play that because analytically speaking you tend to give up more threes. That's something a lot of the league has gone away from, but they've stuck to it and they do it very effectively."

On positives from first half:

"You can do that with the whole game, not just the first half. First half obviously you're going to look at all the little things that maybe you could have done to tack on to the run and create even more sound lead and then in the second half when they're making they're run you're gong to look at all the little things you could have done to stifle their run and cut it short and hopefully create a run of your own."