Nets vs. Hornets: Spencer Dinwiddie, Allen Crabbe, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 123-112 loss to Charlotte

See what the Nets had to say after their 123-112 loss to the Charlotte Hornets.


On Nets defense:

"What I've seen is 68 points we gave up two games in a row in the first half. That's really where it starts. It starts on the defensive end. I know we're gonna talk about lineups and guys coming back from injury, but we can do a much better job than that defensively. And again Washington was the same story; 68 two games in a row, that's not getting it done."

On Nets offense:

"We've got to find some solutions. We're out of sync right now. It's up to us to figure out what that looks like. Again, two games in a row where we're not sharp. Shot selections not great, ball movement not great. So definitely got to look at somethings. Obviously this late in the season we're not changing our offense but we'll try to find some ways to help the guys."

On one end of the court affecting the other:

"I think the real hard thing is when you're getting it out of the net all the time. When you're not getting stops and we're not getting any transition looks because the ball's going through the hoop too much. I think it starts there and then we're going to have to advance from there and figure out the offense but right now our defense is bleeding and we've got to stop the bleeding."


On turnovers:

"I think our sloppiness fed into the turnovers for sure, but then our defense on the other side wasn't airtight either."

On pressure to win ahead of road trip:

"No. Like I said, if you want to be an 82-0 type team, you're trying to win every game. Obviously when we play specific teams, like a Charlotte or a Miami, teams that are right in the race, we'd be stupid to say those don't mean something more, but we're not looking ahead at the schedule and saying this stretch means something different than any other stretch. But any team that you're directly fighting with of course means more."

On defense against Hornets:

"Just all around. They get some offensive rebounds, some putbacks. They hit the three well. It's everything; 68 points, it's probably not just one thing that happened."


On Nets getting out of funk:

“Just getting back to playing good defense. I know the last two games we gave up 70 points in the first half both games, so when teams get a rhythm like that, feel comfortable getting to their spots without any resistance, then you know you kind of make it tough on yourself. And then you find us having stretches trying to play catch up and sometimes that’s too late, so I think just getting back to playing good defense and I think it starts there.”

On Nets defense:

“I think you just said it to me – when they get hot and then, like I’ve said, us not really making it hard for them and them just being comfortable, getting to their spots. When you get a rhythm like that against a team – I mean, any team in the NBA – everybody’s capable. So I think we just have to really lock in, play with a little more intensity, play with a little more effort. I think we’ll give ourselves a better shot.”

On if it's a challenge with full roster healthy:

"I don't think so. I just think that guys, you know whoever coach puts on the floor, guys out there have got to make things happen basically. We all know how we all play, how we can be effective. Just got to figure it out right now really. But I really just feel like it starts on the defensive side. Offense takes care of itself. We have guys who are capable of doing a lot on offense and I think we just got to lock in defensively, put in a little more effort."

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