Nets vs. Wizards: Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 125-116 loss to Washington

See what the Nets had to say after their 125-116 loss to the Washington Wizards.


On Nets defense:

“I was concerned before the game about this team (Wizards). They’re a very good, talented offensive team. We didn’t stop them. Credit to them, I thought they played really well. Obviously, we didn’t have that it. Whatever it is, we didn’t have it across the board – players, coaches. It just wasn’t there. Just not nearly good enough to beat them tonight.”

On addressing Washington fast break at halftime:

“Yeah, we told them. Even without John Wall, they played faster than they did before. That was key, number one. We had poor transition defense. It doesn’t help when you’re missing shots – 5-for-23 for three in the first half, missing lay-ups and etcetera, etcetera. I think we can throw it in one bucket, it was across the board. I just thought we just weren’t very good, and they were very good. Really, it was nine points, but it’s really a 20, 25-point loss, the way it feels.”

On if Nets overlooked Wizards:

“I think at this level and where we are, we’re fighting – we’ve had to scratch & claw. You can’t kind of relax and get a win in this league, it’s just too hard. Our guys are professional, they’re high-character, they’re resilient guys. I just think that we’ll see how they respond to this one. I don’t think we’ve had too many clunkers like this. This is a clunker. And we’ve got to bounce back against a good Charlotte team, obviously.”


On how Wizards pulled away:

“I think we got a little dejected. The energy felt down when they started to make a run in the third quarter. It seemed the harder that we tried, the worse that it got. We made a little run at it and then they started making some plays, they took advantage of our low energy. Tough to dig yourself out of it. But I thought the guys that went in at the end of the game did a good job of competing all the way through. Seeing Tahjere (McCall) go out there and compete, get a few buckets was awesome. Shabazz (Napier) played well. But, collectively it was not a good enough effort on everybody’s part tonight.”

On refocusing moving forward:

“We understand the importance of every game from here on out. We have a difficult one coming up with Charlotte, obviously on Friday. Follow it up with Miami on Saturday – both of those games are huge for us, given the situation record-wise, where the three of us are all at. You have to give it your best and take advantage of the home court that you have. Unfortunately we didn’t do that tonight.”

On if Nets overlooked Wizards:

“No, not necessarily. We obviously have a lot of respect for everybody that is over there. Even though they had lost four games in a row, Bradley (Beal) had been playing at an extremely high level, including tonight. A couple of their guys had been playing pretty well. To be honest, they just competed and played harder than we did and I think you saw it. They got all the 50-50 balls. It seemed like when we needed a stroke of luck, it was going in their direction. I think it just had a lot to do with them playing harder and having more energy.”


On start of third quarter:

“I think it just all happened after the 10-point lead. We just came out unprepared, just mentally unfocused. You could tell that our energy wasn’t there and our minds weren’t there either.”

On if 10-0 lead offered false sense of security:

“I think it told us that we’re here to play and we can tone it down a little bit. Like you said, it might have given us a false sense.”

On if Nets overlooked Wizards:

“I don’t think that was more of the case. I think it was just us not being prepared. In the NBA you still have to prepare for every single game like they’re a top seed.”

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