Nets vs. Magic: D'Angelo Russell, Joe Harris, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 114-110 win over the Orlando Magic.


On confidence in close games:

"That's a belief. It's more of a belief and confidence. Even though we weren't playing great, at the end of the game we were locked in. Big growth from the beginning of the season."

On Dinwiddie and Russell combination:

"I see more of a meshing of a meshing. More and more every time. I know advanced stuff says they don't play well together, but they're going to be in at the end of the game. They're two of our top players. Having multiple ball-handlers like that is huge. They really know how to play off of each other now. Especially the plays we run at the end of the game, they're looking out for each other. D'Angelo called a play for Spencer with under two minutes there. It was a big play. That's the kind of altruism we have right now."

On D'Angelo Russell passing:

"I'm really proud. I think his turnovers have gone down. He's still finding guys, but turnover rate is decreasing. But listen, I think I've said that from the beginning. That's his elite skill. I'm thrilled. From the beginning, we said, 'you're a point guard. You're a point guard.' We just made it clear. You're not an off-guard, you're not a 3-man. You're a point guard. You have great vision. You're a great passer. But I think he's finding the balance now between scoring and finding guys."


On Joe Harris taking late charge:

“Joe Harris, wow. It’s a winning play right there. He doesn’t make that play they get a layup or a foul and it changes the game but that’s the icing on the cake right there. That’s a winning play, big time play.”

On chemistry with Spencer Dinwiddie:

“I just think when we’re both aggressive it works out best for us. Like I said, as we’re getting games under our belts I think we’re realizing how to play off each other and be aggressive and kind of playmaking and make things happen every time we get the ball.”

On confidence in close games:

“Still confident. I think earlier in the season, it was all new to us I would say just what we want at the end of games. But throughout this stretch and just getting games under our belts I think we kind of realize what we want and we’re pretty successful at it so we just keep it going.”


On the win:

“We just kind of stuck with it. Obviously, we made some big plays down the stretch. Spencer (Dinwiddie) and D’Lo (D’Angelo Russell) really carried us offensively most of the night. Again, it’s a collective effort. Guys were stepping up making big plays and it kind of just boiled down to getting stops and dipping on the defensive end.”

On confidence in close games:

“I would say the confidence is pretty high. We’ve been in these tight game scenarios most of the season, and we obviously went through a spell where we lost a lot of them, and now we’re coming out on the better side of it. But we’ve learned through those experiences and we’re better for it.”

On taking charge against Nikola Vucevic:

“We call it the MIG actually. It’s the most important guy, so it’s the opposite wing defender, and I was just on the opposite block. That’s my rotation, just to step over, and I took a block away from Jay, so he would have been there if I wouldn’t have come over anyway. But that’s my job, to come over and either get a verticality or try to take a charge, get my feet outside the circle.”