Nets vs. Celtics: Jarrett Allen, D'Angelo Russell, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 109-102 win over Boston

See what the Nets had to say after their 109-102 win over the Boston Celtics..


On defense:

"So many guys contributed defensively. I thought Jarrett Allen was fantastic just overall, his whole game was fantastic. He's like our goalie back there. He protects the rim, he's all over the place, we ask him to be in pick and roll defense, we ask him to protect the rim. I just think he was monumental. And I thought Rodi was all over the place. Lot of guys contributed defensively."

On winning despite injuries:

"I you'd have told me we'd be in this position without those guys, I would say no way. And that's no discredit to anybody. I do think we're deeper. But missing, you can argue, three starters, missing those guys and we're still, even a win like tonight, it makes it kind of more special that we're doing it with some really key, key players out and starters. It makes it extra special."

On Boston rematch after loss last week:

"I watched our last game against them in Boston and I know it seemed like kind of a blowout, but I really thought, No. 1, they made a lot of tough shots on us in Boston and I thought we had a lot of good looks. So that gave me personally a lot of confidence coming into this. Man, if they don't make as many tough shots, I think we'll have a chance. Not saying we played great there, but that it was a lot better than I thought. So I think that gave us confidence coming in here tonight, especially at home, home crowd was great, we had a chance at this one."


On improving finishing games:

"That's still a big step. You've seen over the past couple of years, we've been struggling with that and we're still showing that we still need to improve on that, so it's just another thing we have to work on going forward."

On chasing offensive rebounds in fourth quarter:

"I was. They didn't really have the type of guy to go get every rebound down there, so I really made the extra effort to go get them."

On team growth:

We came a long way. I don't think in the beginning of the year we would have finished the game out like we did. But now we've grown, we play harder, we play tougher and we're showing that we've improved a lot."


On team improvement:

"We're building off each win. It's hard to win in this league. We're scratching and clawing for each win. It's coming down to a last shot or a last defensive stop or what not, we know that. So every win is a good win for us. We're building our confidence on it."

On team defense:

"I think the position that we've been put in on the defensive end, I think coach has given us the leeway to mix it up, going zone a little bit, so I feel like it gives us an unpredictable vibe when it comes to the defensive end. Teams can't really figure that out so it's the coaching staff once again."

On overcoming injuries:

"I think it gives everybody that freedom with injuries and stuff like that. it forces you to step up whatever your role may be, you have to magnify it and come with a 10 percent more effort of what you're given and I think that's what it takes for us to win. We're going to need everybody on the defensive end. We're going to need everybody on the offensive end. We're going to need all the coaches on their p's and q's so it's going in our favor right now with us all doing that."

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