Nets vs. Hawks: Jarrett Allen, Joe Harris, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 116-100 win against Atlanta

See what the Nets had to say after their 116-100 win against the Atlanta Hawks.


On slowing down Atlanta offense:

"First of all, no easy games in the NBA, that's for sure. They blitzed us in the first quarter. I think a lot of that was them and some of it was us. And 38 points in the first quarter, it's like you're playing with fire when you dig a hole like that. Then I think 19 points in the second quarter we gave up and then 43 points in the second half, so we turned our defense around. I think the zone helped us, just got them out of rhythm a little bit, wasn't our main kind of slice, but it was helpful. I thought it got them out of rhythm a little bit, helped us."

On coming back for the win:

"We've got a good group. I hate repeating this but I don't think we win that game last year or the year before. I thought we really locked down, showed a lot of maturity. Sometimes I think when that happens, when you give up 38 points, you go haywire and I thought we did go a little haywire quite honestly. We took some bad shots. We were all out of sorts and then I thought Ed Davis and that group came in and Treveon Graham and those guys gave us some stability. DeMarre too. I thought Jared was good. I thought the bench helped us."

On bench play:

"It's huge. I think it's a difference-maker from, like I said, from last season. Between Shabazz and Ed and DeMarre, we've got a bench that we can count on. We've got experience, so big plus. I think it's a big reason why we've improved."


On bouncing back from Boston loss:

"It's really good. Nobody wants to be on a losing streak, even if it's two losses. So just coming out here tonight, started out slow but going back to where we need to be that was really important."

On Ed Davis:

"Just seeing Ed out there fighting for every rebound, offensively, defensively and finish with 16 rebounds. Ed just gave a spark for everybody, including me."

On team growth:

We came a long way. I don't think in the beginning of the year we would have finished the game out like we did. But now we've grown, we play harder, we play tougher and we're showing that we've improved a lot."


On turning the game around:

"Guys vocalizing that we need to pick up the energy. Just compete harder. That's really all that it boiled down to. Had nothing to do with Xs and Os, making shots, anything like that. It was just competing harder, and we did a better job obviously on the defensive end in the second quarter."

On fast start to second half:

"You kind of feel the momentum shifting a little bit at that time. I think obviously we started making shots, but we picked it up on the defensive end as well. That's really what kind of propelled us to the lead that we got."

On Jared Dudley:

"Obviously Jared is probably our most vocal guy in terms of a veteran leader. He really is sort of the voice, coach on the floor. You don't see it in the stat sheet every night. He's capable of having big games, obviously, but he does a lot more for us. Hopefully he can get back soon because he is a very integral part of this team."

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