Nets vs. Sixers: Harris, Kurucs, and Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 127-124 win over the Sixers

See what the Nets had to say after their 127-124 win against the Sixers.


On the win:

"Spencer got hot. That was probably the big No. 1 thing. We kept competing. I thought Rodi had really good minutes. Ed Davis kind of saved us a little bit against Embiid. His strength. Our bench was really good. I thought everybody contributed."

On Rodions Kurucs:

"You didn't know what was going to happen. It was fun for all of us. He threw one in the third row and then he made two huge tip-aways from Simmons. Simmons tried to post him. That's his length. He gives us length and activity. Again, he forced us to keep him in there."

On winning three straight:

"I don't want to get carried away. Obviously we went through a tough stretch. But beating this team here, they've had two losses at home. I'll even go back to the (eight) game losing streak, the fact that we had chances to win I'd say 90 percent of them just bodes well. With Caris being out, I think the feeling was, we're not going to be able to compete at that high level, and it's like, well, we keep doing it. It's good these last three games we closed it out."


On trust from coach in fourth quarter:

"That means a lot. It means a lot to me because before I didn't have that coach who truly trusted in me. It means a lot to me because guys trust in me and coach trusts in me and they give me that energy to go on the court, to get out there every day and work out and work my --- off. That's all right. I'm just saying my thoughts because I've never had this kind of team and collective where you really want to come every day and work out there."

On defending Ben Simmons:

"He played tough. He was provoking me all game when I was guarding him. I just knew he would post me. I know that I could steal these balls. I always steal these balls in the post. You can check the videos from Europe. I stole a lot of balls like that."

On making a 3-pointer:

"I missed like 10 threes the last games. My grandfather actually said to me, you need to make one and then you'll just go. That happened. It gave me more energy and power."


On offense:

"Good rhythm offensively. Really taking good shots. The floor was spaced. Obviously Spencer did a great job all night, he was going off on every level -- threes, mid-range, finishing at the rim, facilitating, getting guys involved. It opened up everything else for Allen and myself, shooters on the team. But everybody just collectively, it was a good effort offensively and we were sound defensively."

On closing out games:

"Experience is the best teacher. You can practice it until you're blue in the face, but until you actually are in these situations, have the feel of the game, and then you have to add the level of confidence just to be able to finish it out. It's beneficial for us, especially as a young group to have these experiences, late-game experiences, obviously we were on the other end of it a few times early on, but now we're slowly starting to gradually get over the hump."

On Spencer Dinwiddie:

"I think he has offensively been able to impose his skill set. Like I said, his ability just to be able to finish from all three levels on the floor and I think it's really his ability just to get downhill that opens everything else up for him."

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