Nets vs. Raptors: Harris, Hollis-Jefferson, and Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 106-105 win against the Raptors.


On feeling with the win:

"I think that stop at the end of the game was indicative of who we were all night. We fought, we clawed and the basketball gods shined on guys that have been playing good basketball and guys of high character and guys that are together and spirited. So it's just nice to see those guys in that locker room rewarded for their efforts."

On players-only film session:

"That's why you bring guys like that into your locker room, into your program. Guys with great character and great spirit. And they kept their spirit. Even last game, I thought our spirit was off the charts and our togetherness. And then the film session -- maybe we'll have them do the film session the rest of the year. That'll make my life easier. Sometimes as a coach you try to feed them everything. You coach every little thing and the fact that they can coach themselves and communicate amongst themselves. I can't take credit for the idea. It was our staff that came up with it, and that's why we have a great staff."

On Rondae Hollis-Jefferson:

"He embraced his role. That was the Rondae that we've seen. We saw last year. I still don't think he's in peak form. I think he's still coming back from his injury in the summer. He was out a long time. But he was fantastic. 103-102, there's a loose ball and he jumps on in, we get the jump ball, and then we win the jump ball. Those are the plays, and I think the players talked about that in the film session, quote unquote winning plays we weren't making. Whether it was a box out, whether it was a 50/50 ball. He led it, he was great tonight."


On last possession defending Kawhi Leonard:

"I just slid my feet, moved a little bit. Didn't let him see the basket. Tried to crowd him a lot more knowing if he got the shot up that close to the basket chances are he might have made it so I just tried to get him to turn his back to the basket and not let him face the basket."

On team sticking together:

"I feel like at the end of the day it's about high character guys. The people you have in your locker room are really solid dudes, really great guys. You can talk to them about anything. That's what it comes down to at the end of the day. You've got a brotherhood here that means a lot to people. You really care about them. We know about people's family, we know about people's lives. We're open to talk about it with one another. It's pretty big. It's bigger than basketball for us. It means the world to us. When you have guys like that, you can go on the court and go to war with these guys."

On overall team play lately:

"I feel like for us we've been playing solid. We've been playing good. We've been fighting. It just came down to a lot of mental mistakes that we made. Just about being patient, waiting and making the right decisions with the basketball, being solid on defense for the most part. Just understanding that and keep playing and keep working I feel like we've been doing a really solid job at that. It's all about staying with it. I feel like we keep staying with it, keep working then basketball gods will answer our prayers."


On the win:

"Obviously it's a great feeling for us just to get off of the losing streak, the skid that we were on. We've been playing great basketball, and we just haven't been able to execute and finish down the stretch. Tonight it was with our defense. big plays. Big possessions. Winning plays all the way around. Obviously, Rondae did a hell of a job individually, defensively, but it was a collective effort for sure."

On offense in fourth quarter against pressure:

"Yeah, I think obviously D'Angelo did a good job of finding some space in the mid-range, knocking down shots. Spencer did a good job just getting downhill. Guys were just able to make some winning plays. Some of the 50/50 balls, the hustle plays is where we were able to get some extra baskets there. Obviously it came down to a situation where every basket counted."

On Rondae Hollis-Jefferson:

"Rondae's our best defensive player. He took the task at the beginning of the game guarding Kawhi. And you're coming in to a game knowing that Kawhi in his last five's been averaging 30 a game, 50/40 clip. It's obviously a difficult matchup, but he made it difficult for him all night long, especially down the stretch when we needed it most."