Nets vs. Knicks: Top Quotes from Atkinson and LeVert

Postgame quotes from the 115-96 loss to the Knicks

See what the Nets had to say after their 115-96 loss to the Knicks.


On the matchup:

"We lost it there at the end of the first half. We were nip and tuck and all of a sudden they break out to an eight, 10-point lead. I felt like we lost it there and beginning of the third quarter again. They started out hot and before you know it we're calling a timeout. For some reason not ready to play. We can look for excuses and tough games and all that, but this is game (seven). This isn't game 74. We should've been more ready."

On aggressiveness and physicality:

"The stat that counts is more aggressive team has the advantage. The Knicks were the more aggressive team, they were the more physical team, and that's just the story of the game. Two teams colliding. They were more forceful and more aggressive. Can't do that in this league if you don't bring the physicality to the game."

On Caris LeVert:

"This is the next level of becoming a great player in this league is to do it consistently. He's done it for most of the season. He had a tough game tonight obviously. But we need him to be, not good, we need him to be very, very good. Tonight was one of those nights. I also think those are the nights when someone else has got to step up. We need someone from the bench or another starter to step up and take the torch."


On being focus of defenses:

"That's definitely an adjustment for me. The great thing about the NBA, it's not like football where you've got to wait a full week to think about it every single day. We get to play again on Wednesday against a good team who's been playing well. Another challenge to get better."

On busy schedule:

"'We've just got to be better. We've got to be more mature as a team. Despite our age, despite anything else. Three games in four days, that's the NBA. We can't put it on that. We're going to have more of those this year and season's to come. So we've got to learn how to be better in those situations, just prepare better mentally and physically."

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