Nets vs. Sixers: Caris LeVert, D'Angelo Russell, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 122-100 loss to the Sixers

See what the Nets had to say after their 122-100 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.


On the first quarter:

“So disappointed in our shot selection to start. I think that started it. Our first six shots were uncharacteristic. Now, credit their defense. I thought they were locked in. I thought they were swarming us. We really couldn’t get by them. Joel being back there, being an elite rim protector he is and then I thought the other four guys, they locked us up. We couldn’t find space, to not only get off a decent shot, we couldn’t get off, they just really forced us into poor, poor shots. I think that started, then they got out in transition. It was kind of good night Irene after that.”

On lesson from series:

“I said it toward the ends of the year, even when we were fighting for playoffs, even when we made the playoffs; we have a long way to go. We understand where we are. Yes, we’re pleased with improving and being a better team from last year and making the playoffs, but we understand where the level where the Sixers are, that’s a long ways away. We understand that. But I think it’s also gonna drive us. I think when you come out of a series like this, you’re a little taken aback. But we understand what’s in front of us, but very proud of our guys. Wonderful season. Talk about championships and that’s great, but seasons like these, you guys know how hard that is in professional sports, especially people picked us 32 wins, 30 wins and to come up with 42, sixth seed in the playoffs, I’m very proud of what we accomplished this year.”

On message to team after game:

“I told them great season, great group. Meet you at 11 tomorrow. We have an 11 o’clock meeting. Lot of hugs and thank yous all around. Most positive locker room I’ve seen after a loss like this. Everyone understands what we accomplished. That was pretty cool. Yeah, I think it does motivate. I have a bad taste in my mouth after a game like tonight. Four-one and thinking we could have gotten to 4-2 with our last game at Barclays Center. Yes, these things do fuel you. I think they fuel athletes, I think they fuel coaches. Give us a good push going into the offseason because you know how important the offseasons are for us. It’s our competitive advantage so we’ve got to take a week rest and get back on the horse, get back to work.”


On lessons from first playoff experience:

“Just got to be locked in for the full 48 minutes every single game. Can’t take any plays off. You’ve got to do all the little things necessary to win every game.”

On the season:

“We knew going into this year I guess the potential that we had. We kind of quietly expected to make the playoffs honestly. We had talks within the team and we kind of knew our goals and we knew that this was definitely one of our goals. Going forward we’re not done yet. We feel like we’ve got a long way to go. A lot to get better at. We can’t wait to attack the summer and attack those things.”

On looking back at his November injury:

“It was tough. Obviously that was a tough time. Looking back, I feel like I grew a lot as a player, as a person. That time definitely made me a lot stronger. Definitely prepared me for moments like this, the playoffs, things like that. I couldn’t have done it without my teammates, my coaches, supported me every step of the way.”


On the season:

“Definitely a lot of positive vibes to look forward too. We had a very successful year. Guys came into their own throughout the year. It’s definitely a positive going into the summer, coming into the next year. Individually, one of the few guys that came into their own and thrived but it was a collective group that thrived I would say.”

On difference in Philadelphia defense compared to regular season:

“I give credit to their defensive schemes and their preparation, but I can also say we didn’t make the shots we normally make as well. That gives us the confidence to know that we gave ourselves a chance and we didn’t shoot well. It is what it is. We’ve just got to be prepared going into the next year and try not to do that.”

On not coming back as they had several times during season:

“That’s what the game’s about. It’s about runs. When you’re playing against teams that have a few days to scout for you. You have so many games on top of games that the scout is different than the playoffs. So it doesn’t allow you to just come back when you’re supposed to. Teams don’t mess up like they do during the regular season. You can’t just take advantage of that when teams are so prepared and ready for the playoffs that split moment, that split secont of success or failure, you’re going to be prepared for it so it’s not gonna just happen on accident. Separation between regular season and playoffs.”

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