Nets vs. Sixers: Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 131-115 loss to the Sixers

See what the Nets had to say after their 131-115 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.


On what transpired in the game:

“I think they did an outstanding job defensively. Taking away Joe (Harris) is huge. It’s like taking JJ (Redick) away. I think they are doing a great job there. Joe gives us a lot of our movement. Like I said, a lot of it is them, but I do think we can move it better. We obviously have to shoot it better. We didn’t shoot it well, and we also struggled at the rim. Not a good offensive performance on our part, and I thought JJ’s run really got us off kilter defensively. When someone gets hot like that, the defense starts cheating and helping, and then other guys get off too. I thought that was a big part of the game.”

On defending JJ Redick:

“We didn’t do a good enough job on him. He is elite at getting open, and they did a fantastic job screening for him. I thought that was big. He is flying around, and we are chasing him. They are setting great screens, and we didn’t do a good enough job staying attached. But it was the same game plan. We didn’t change anything. We just didn’t execute it at a high-enough level.”

On changes moving forward:

“I think we have to look at everything. It starts defensively in terms of what we have to do. I think we look at lineups. It’s only 1-2. We come back here Saturday and if we win, it’s a different series. I think we have to look at some different things. Obviously, what we have been doing the last two games is not working.”


On defense against JJ Redick:

“We’ve got to watch the film, but obviously JJ (Redick) is a really good shooter so he attracts a lot of attention and we kind of lost track of Ben Simmons with the basketball. But like I said, we’ve got to watch film and get better from it.”

On if Nets need to attack rim more often:

“We’re an attacking team. We’re gonna attack the rim at all costs. Sometimes that little floater’s open, but we got the shots we wanted tonight. We just missed a couple looks.”

On defending Sixers without Joel Embiid:

“I think either way they’re a pretty tough team to defend. Like D’Angelo (Russell) said, they’ve got specialists at each position. They kind of spread you out in shooters and then they have Simmons attacking the rim, so in either way – whatever lineup they have out there – they’re pretty tough to defend.”


On whether series intensity has increased:

“I mean, I think they’re just going to play a physical game of basketball. If we throw up a basket, they’re gonna go and get it. It’s kind of in their M.O. – as far as the technical I got, it’s less so them. That’s where I respect them.”

On if he felt Barclays Center crowd:

“For sure. I think the crowd did a wonderful job. You know, it’s on us to come through for them.”

On whether disappointed by loss and looking forward:

“It’s both Games 2 and 3 that have had the disappointing aspects to it. Obviously, we’d like to capitalize and go up 2-0 but, we dropped the ball in the third quarter of that game (Game 2). And this game, the rhetoric is going to be that we should have capitalized with [Joel] Embiid out. That’s fine too. We obviously know what we need to do. If we win Game 4, it’ll be tied 2-2. It’s still a very long series ahead. So, we’re in a final position right now. If you had to say – ‘hey, you’re gonna be 2-1 going into Game 4’ – I’m sure a lot of people would’ve been okay with that.”

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