Nets vs. Sixers: D'Angelo Russell, Caris LeVert, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 111-102 win over the Sixers

See what the Nets had to say after their 111-102 win over the Philadelphia 76ers.


On first career playoff win:

Now you’re going to get me emotional. I don’t want to get emotional. I don’t think about that stuff. We’re in such a fight. Listen, I know we have to stay humble. I have to stay humble. So I’m not going to celebrate this victory. I’m sure I’m going to look back on it and be extremely happy [with] how far we’ve come, that we won our first playoff game. It’s very cool. But they lost their first playoff game last year, too, so we’re a humble group and we know how far we’ve got to go. Yes, I’m emotional about it, happy about it, but just got to put that in a little closet or little drawer until after the season."

On lineups:

"We were throwing different lineups. Especially with Jarrett Allen going out, we went with that small lineup with JD at the five and then he countered and went with his small lineup and I was wondering, well jeez, is that his best lineup, because they started scoring on us. It was a little bit of a chess match. Our hand was forced because of Jarrett Allen's foul trouble. We can't play Ed Davis 48 minutes. But I think there was a lot of mixing and matching. He was trying different things. We were obviously forced to do different things that changed our lineups."

On Caris LeVert:

"Just throw in also just struggling coming back. I don't know how many games was it where he wanted it so bad, it just wasn't there, in every sense. I don't think physically was there. I think he was pressing too hard. He's kind of come out of that tunnel. I said before the series, he's kind of our x-factor. He's the one that can change a game off the bench. He did it tonight. But just thrilled. We didn't know; is he going to be able to get it back this year? Is he going to be able to get it back this soon. I was doubtful. I was expecting, OK, let's get what we can from him and next year he'll be great Caris again. It's huge. The timing of him getting well and playing well and getting back to his old self, it helped us at the end of the season too, winning some big games."


On momentum:

"The same shots I was missing early, teammates kept putting me in a position to make those shots, so I just kept taking them and they started falling."

On responding to Philly runs and maintaining lead:

"I trust our offense. We got great minds behind it. Coach set us up earlier this season with a routine and recipe for the offense and it’s been flowing ever since. We’ve got the right pieces to keep it going. You got guys like Caris [Levert] and Spencer [Dinwiddie] that it’s hard to stay in front of those guys, then you add Joe Harris and other guards and to capitalize on that, it’s fun to be a part of."

On if Sixers are a positive matchup:

"It’s early to tell. Trying to add our regular-season games into this series is just impossible to do, but when you got a player like Jimmy [Butler] and Joel [Embiid] over there, like those caliber players, you can never count them out. Our job is to keep getting stops, have a defensive-minded mentality going into the game and our offense clicks so we’re not really worried about our offense."


On if he believed he could Sixers off dribble:

"Yeah, I think so, especially in the second unit. You know, there’s a lot of matchups that we like to exploit. I think, Spencer [Dinwiddie], myself tried to just come in there and give us energy any way we could, and I think it worked out for us."

On how first playoff game felt:

"You know, coming into every game our job is to just be confident, aggressive every single time out there. Our approach doesn’t change. We had some success tonight. We know that game two will definitely be a lot harder for us. We’re ready for the challenge."

On how moment feels:

"It was big. Especially because, you know we got the win. I’d said all along, I wasn’t really too worried about my offense, I knew it would come at any point. My teammates have been confident in me every step of the way, telling me to keep going and that’s all you can ask for."

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