Nets vs. Sixers: Caris LeVert, D'Angelo Russell, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 112-108 loss to the Sixers

See what the Nets had to say after their 112-108 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.


On starting lineup change:

"Yeah, it looked like it had some effect. I thought it boosted our energy, obviously getting Caris more involved in what we're doing and we got JD at the 5 a little bit. I just felt like it was time to change, and I thought it helped us."

On Jared Dudley's impact before ejection:

"He was great. It reminded me of Game 1. He has an understanding, an IQ that really helps our team. He has a physicality. He knows playoff basketball. He was great and obviously hitting those two threes, I thought the really helped stretching them out a little. Huge part of the reason we played well tonight."

On the final minutes:

"I think a little bit of our experience, little bit of their length and activity. I think it's one of their strengths and I thought we got a little out of sorts, had a few turnovers that we didn't need. We also had a bunch of good looks. I thought we had a bunch of good looks and they didn't go down. Obviously a big play for them was the Redick play, the offensive rebound, they kick out and get that three."


On move into starting lineup:

“I just tried to be aggressive – you know. Whether I’m starting or coming off the bench. I feel like we matched up pretty well with them tonight. You know, obviously, some things happened with Jared (Dudley). Felt like we had to protect ourselves out there. We support him, and what he did. You know, obviously, we wouldn’t have liked him to get thrown out the game. It kind of affected us a little bit, but we still gotta be better down the stretch.”

On going to Philadelphia down 3-1 for Game 5:

“There’s a disappointment losing any game – whether it be home or on the road – especially, when you’re up, five minutes left to go in the game. That’s disappointing in itself. But obviously, with the great crowd we had tonight, we like to protect our home court. So, it was frustrating. But we’ve got another game.”

On dealing with the game within a game, fouls, etc.:

“I think we’re just out there trying to win the game. We’re not really too worried about that, man. I mean we’re focused, locked in on every play. It’s tough enough mentally to be locked in for a full game. So that’s our main focus. They’ve got a lot of good players over there – just staying locked in to that mentality.”


On the intensity of the game:

"You see two teams out there hungry, trying to compete. They sure as hell don't want to lose to the Brooklyn Nets, and I think we've got a chance to beat the Sixers, so it's just a high-intensity game and that's what it's going to look like. It's going to be hard for all. Bodies are going to be flying. Give each other what we want."

On adjusting to Joel Embiid clogging the lane on defense:

"I think that's part of the game plan. When these big guys are clogging the lane like that, we're able to throw over the top and get in and kick it out. When there's three guys in there, it works in our favor. Like I said, we'll look at the film, see where the help's coming from, see where their scouting help is coming from and capitalize on that. Simple as that."

On adjusting to the playoffs:

"You go into the playoffs with a routine or a regular schedule. The playoffs will throw you off because teams are scouting for that, for what you've done throughout the season, so you've definitely got to switch things up. I think as a coach you've got to prepare your team as best you can every game. Coaching staff prepared us going into each game, so I can see on his (Kenny Atkinson) part , how it's hard, but for us as players, if we play with that energy and play our hearts out, we'll give ourselves a chance."

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