Lopez is Nets' Shooting Star in Houston


HOUSTON—In Saturday's Sears Shooting Stars, Team Lopez didn't miss until they'd stretched the range out beyond the three-point line, and had the second-fastest Team Round time through four shots. But it took 20 halfcourt attempts before a shot lofted by Brooklyn Nets All-Star Brook Lopez snapped strings, 67 seconds after the opening buzzer.

Team Lopez finished fourth out of the four participating teams, as Team Westbrook (29.5 seconds) and Team Bosh (50.0) moved on to the Championship Round, with Team Bosh emerging victorious. Lopez said he enjoyed the experience, and felt his team gave their best effort and got good looks, they just didn't go down.

The Sears Shooting Stars contest features one current NBA player, one current WNBA player and an NBA legend on each team. There are six numbered shooting locations of increasing difficulty, with each team attempting to make all shots in numeric order in the fastest time. Each team will select a specific player rotation to follow throughout the competition. Each shot must be made before the next player begins shooting in succession. Teams have up to two minutes to complete the entire shooting course.