Brooklyn Nets Work Into an Orlando Routine

The Nets held their fourth Disney World practice on Sunday afternoon

The Brooklyn Nets held their fourth practice in Orlando on Sunday afternoon, as they continue to adapt to the new normal of the remainder of the 2019-20 NBA season at Walt Disney World.

‘The oddest part of the experience so far, I mean, I think it’s just pretty much the plain and simple fact that we’re all sort of isolated in Disney World,” said Joe Harris. “As simple as that.”

Another day, another ballroom for Brooklyn. The Nets won’t have their first scrimmage until July 22 and won’t play their first game in the resumption of the season until July 31. So for now they’re bouncing around the campus, with practice times and locations variable.

“Obviously we’re used to having pretty similar routine in terms of our practice schedule,” said Harris. “But again, this whole thing is just about being flexible. Everybody is sort of in the same situation. There isn’t one team that’s here that has a consistent practice time. You know, we’re kind of all in the same boat in that regard. And again, yeah, it’s just everybody kind of knows we’ve all been warned coming into it to level of our expectations for what is traditionally what is sort of a normal routine and it’s all just about being flexible while we’re here.”

On the court, they’re trying to find a little more consistency. Head coach Jacque Vaughn kept his first and second groups the same for Sunday’s session, putting a focus on defensive concepts and communication. After a lighter session on Saturday followed two intensive practices to start, Vaughn liked what he saw on Sunday in terms of pace and conditioning.

There is still plenty in flux. The Nets do not have the same personnel they did when the season stopped on March, or what Vaughn likely expected to have when he was game-planning and tinkering with concepts during the hiatus. Wilson Chandler, Spencer Dinwiddie, Taurean Prince, DeAndre Jordan and Nic Claxton are out for the restart. And the Nets are waiting on the reinforcements we know about — Tyler Johnson, Michael Beasley, Jamal Crawford, and Donta Hall.

While that group remains in quarantine, the coaching staff is working to get them updated via video from practice.

In the live practice sessions, the urge Vaughn is fighting off is to bombard his squad with too much information.

“As a coaching staff we spent an extreme amount of time together kind of orchestrating what we thought the roster was going to look like and building some concepts off of that,” said Vaughn. “We did have to make some adjustments and I think the biggest adjustment we made was just streamlining things and making things more simple just because of the different bodies we're going to have. The hiatus plan that we had wrapped up in a nice box and bulb we won't be able to unwrap and see all of that.”

“We’re implementing some new stuff that JV has been thinking about and even talked to us about when we were in Brooklyn leading up to playing,” said Harris. “Now, it’s just about executing and making sure mentally we’re all on the same page. You look at our roster, and you’ve got to be realistic about the fact we’re not going to out-talent a lot of teams that we’re playing against. We are definitely limited, but one thing that we can control is not beating ourselves, make sure that everybody is executing and everybody is mentally engaged, making the right decisions and, again, not beating ourselves.”

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