Brooklyn Nets Caris LeVert Hosts His 22 Initiative Program for Bowling Event

Brooklyn Nets guard Caris LeVert wrapped up the first season of his 22 Initiative with a Bowling Challenge Wednesday afternoon at Bowlmor Times Square.

“We had a great year with the kids this year,” said LeVert. “Did a lot of cool things. Obviously bowling is one the things I like to do in my pastime and one of the things the kids expressed that they like to do as well. We wanted to show appreciation for them having a great year and giving back to the community even more and building our relationship.”

LeVert launched the initiative this year in partnership in UWantGame to help provide students with access to industry leaders for lessons on life skills and leadership, plus some fun experiences as well.

“It’s just a mentorship program for kids around New York City, different schools and things like that,” said LeVert. “We tried to pick 22 kids this year and try to give them life skills, put them around different people. We went to Nike headquarters, they met with the Nike executives, asked them great questions. Came to a Nets game, talked to Sean Marks as well. We’ve been doing events like this all season.”

In addition to the Barclays Center event with Marks, the Brooklyn General Manager, plus BSE Global CEO Brett Yormark, and the Nike visit, the kids toured ESPN and Bleacher Report to learn more about those companies and their staff and attended a showing of the latest Transformers movie, Bumblebee.

They also attended at panel discussion at the Brooklyn Nets’ HSS Training Center led by BSE Global Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Maurice Stinnett, featuring several organizational leaders plus Jamone “JJ” West, Director of Affiliate Marketing for Disney and ESPN Media Networks.

“Obviously basketball is a huge part of my life, so that was a big thing, going to the Nets game, and Nike’s one of my big partnerships,” said LeVert. “Having them talk to the executives there as well and then coming here and having a little bit of fun as well. You try to do different things, mix it up, keep it light, keep it fun.”