Brooklyn Nets Check Out Their Biggie-Inspired Nike City Edition Jerseys

Carroll, Russell and LeVert among the players that got an early glance this week

The Brooklyn Nets are paying homage to a Brooklyn hip-hop legend with their 2018-19 Nike City Edition uniform, which is being unveiled today.

The Notorious B.I.G. burst on to the scene in the early '90s with the hits "Juicy" and "Big Poppa" from his debut album, and 21 years after his death he remains an icon here in his home borough of Brooklyn and worldwide, renowned as one of the great rappers of all time.

"He's a legend from here," said D'Angelo Russell. "Hometown hero. His legacy that he left behind is still here to this day.

Earlier this week, Nets players got their first looks at their jerseys at HSS Training Center.

"Love them. Love the design," said Caris LeVert. "Very Brooklyn-esque. I'm not a huge jersey guy in the first place, but those are dope."

A multi-color "Brooklyn Camo" pattern inspired by Biggie runs down the sides of the jersey and shorts and along the sleeve and neckline piping. A customized *BED-STUY* mark for each player has been designed by renowned graffiti artist Eric Haze and been placed above the jersey's jock tag.

The black jersey otherwise follows a similar pattern and style as the Nets' Icon jerseys.

"Nice mixture," said DeMarre Carroll. "It's not too much. I think that's the goal. The designer who did it was awesome, because they got the right amount of flashy, but not too flashy. It's great. I think it's great not only for the organization but it's great for the city of Brooklyn. To pay homage to somebody who means so much to Brooklyn and put Brooklyn on the map. When you say Brooklyn, you think of Biggie. Hopefully these jerseys can bring a rich diversity and unity to the fans and the organization."

The Nets will debut the jerseys on the court against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday, Nov. 17 at Barclays Center, and will wear them for 15 additional games during the 2018-19 season. The Brooklyn Nets City Edition jerseys will be on sale Friday, Nov. 9 online at netsstore.com and at the Swag Shop at Barclays Center.

Carroll offered the final word on the jerseys.

"From Senor Swag Daddy, these are awesome. Pretty dope. Good job guys."


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